Advent 2015: Day 6

Today was the first duplicate from Yankee Candle, which was going to happen soon as there’s only six scents available in this calendar. I’ve burnt the other one of the  Christmas Garlands and liked it so this one has been burning today. The Marks and. Spencer advent present today was a bottle of Nuit Parfum perfume, I’ve never heard of it before but have looked it up and it’s a collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whitely and it’s a fair size bottle at 15ml.

I always find that perfumes can be a bit bit or miss when it comes to these advent calendars or anything with smaller sizes as they’re often fairly generic scents and perfume is such a personal thing. This smelled fairly generic in the bottle, a musky floral scent that becomes lighter when you spray it in the air.  These are the official notes in the perfume taken from the Marks and Spencer website:

Infused with the vintage femininity that encapsulates the Rosie for Autograph collection, Nuit Parfum combines precious oils from the French centifolia rose with the feminine, evocative essence of jasmine flowers. Background notes of warming musk create a unique fragrance that’s sensual, timeless and bohemian in spirit.

I do like the scent of this perfume, though often perfumes smell very different on me to the majority of people. This starts off smelling like a rose soap on my skin, after about ten or fifteen minutes it calms down a bit and the soapy smell goes and leaves a sweet rose. I really recognised the scent and didn’t know where but I realised that it smells almost exactly the same as the Lush Rose Jam shower gel smell. I don’t know if this is the intended scent as it’s meant to have some musk and jasmine which often come to the front on me and the jasmine turns but they’re both either very subtle or not coming through on my skin which is a nice surprise. It’s 5:30 now and I sprayed this at 12 and there is still a hint of the scent left, if I smell my wrists it’s definitely there but it’s there even when I move my hand I can catch a hint of it so it’s lasted very well, better than most high street perfumes do on me.overall I’m very impressed with this perfume and it’s a nice size sample at 15ml. It’s cruelty free, vegetarian and made in the UK. For a 30ml bottle it’s £14 on the M&S website,which is the smallest size you can buy, there are larger ones but I think that’s the best size if you want to give it a go.

This  is the first repeat from the Yankee Candle advent calendar so I’m just using the same photos I did on the first go with it. I do like this scent, there’s definitely pine but it’s fresh pine rather than cleaning product pine and there’s a hint of something that makes it sweeter which I guess is the cranberry but it’s not obvious. Overall I very nice Christmassy scent that isn’t too overpowering and I don’t think that anyone would mind really. It’s available in a range of products but these tea lights are available in a box of 12 for £6.99 on the Yankee Candle website.

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