Advent 2015: Day 5

I am so excited about today’s present from the M&S calendar, it’s a full size Leighton Denny Renovate nail repair cream. I love finding new nail treatments as, although mine are in pretty good condition most of the time they’ve recently dried out and are so ridged since I’ve been less careful about buffing each time and this is supposed to help with that. The Yankee Candle tea light today is Snowflake Cookie which isn’t my favourite but I’ve been burning it today anyway.

I love the look of this, it’s a nail repair cream for nails and cuticles, I’ll be giving this a proper go for the next couple of weeks and then review it. It says that you use it twice a day and ther should be improvement in 14 days. As well as the full size tube of nail cream there’s a double sided buffer, one side is called the refine side and it’s coarser, the box says to only use this one every 2 to 3 months to remove flakes and ridges. The second side is labelled shine and should be used after the renovate cream to work it into the nail and create a waterproof layer. The cream itself is fairly thin, it soaks well into the nails easily and the small amount on my finger in the picture covered the cuticles on all of my fingers on one hand, though I didn’t buff it in as I have nail varnish on. It actually smells pretty nice too, it’s not a scent I can really put my finger on but it’s the kind of clean spa type smell to me that you get in a lot of products. This full size product can be found in Marks and Spencer for £13. Leighton Denny do not test on animals so this is a cruelty free product.

The Yankee Candle advent calendar had a Snowflake Cookie tea light today, which isn’t my favourite as it’s a very sweet scent but it’s nice enough. It’s one that I’ve smelled in stores before in the jar form but it didn’t seem this icing heavy in the scent. I don’t really get and bakerin this, it does kind of remind me of a cake we used to get, it’s the Kipling slices that are half yellow and half pink in the uk with the white icing on top, they taste amazing but don’t smell of real cake to me and that’s what these smell of. These are available in a lot of products at the moment but these tea lights are in a box of 12 for £6.99 on the Yankee Candle site.

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