Advent 2015: Day 4

Today’s presents in the advent calendar are a small Pür Volume Vixen mascara in the M&S calendar and a Christmas Memories tea light from Yankee Candle. I’m not sure how big the mascara sample is as it says it’s 4.8ml and the full size is 5g so it’s hard to compare the two but it’s a fair size and will get quite a few uses from it. I’ve had ones like this size in previous free sets from Boots and they’ve lasted me a month or two so you get a good idea of whether you like it or not.


I do like this size mascara, theyver great for in a little makeup bag in my bag for touch ups, or for travelling as you know there’s a fair amount in there so for short trips it’s a lot smaller than some of the mascaras you get. This is the Volume Vixen mascara and it doesn’t say it’s black so I’m guessing that’s the only colour it comes in. I can never have too many black mascaras, I just keep them sealed till I need them and I like trying new ones. The brush is a standard fibre type brush and it’s easy to control, it does seem to get quite a bit of the product on it so we’ll have to see if that means you get more than you want on your lashes. I haven’t tried it yet, I think I’ll give it a proper go and review it to see if it can do everything it claims, it says it’s a 4-in-1 mascara that gives flash lash volume, separation, strength and length. It’s also cruelty free which is great, I’ve heard of the brand before but never tried them. It’s available in full size from M&S for £15 which isn’t outside what I’d pay if it’s a really nice product. 

I’ve smelled Christmas Memories in stores in the past and it’s never struck me as the strongest scent amongst their Christmas range but when you light it the scent comes through. It’s still less strong than a couple of the others in the calendar but it’s a great smell if you don’t want something overpowering in the room. I think the fact it has more than one scent helps too. It’s definitely very gingerbread based to me but there’s something else, I think it reminds me of a winter drink so maybe it’s a bit of a mulled wine scent so something similar like cranberries and the spices used in mulling wine. Either way it’s definitely a nice, warm and comforting scent and very Christmassy. It’s available in a range of products but the tea lights come in a box of 12 for £6.99 on their website, their site has an offer on them at the moment though so they’re £5.59.

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