Advent 2015: Day 3

It’s time for day 3 and today’s M&S advent calendar product is the Grumpy Cow body lotion from Cowshed. They’re a company I’ve heard a lot about and I think I’ve tried some before, this is a 100ml size bottle which is available from their own website but I think everyewhere else it’s larger bottles and this is in gifts. It’s a nice travel size and has a fair amount in to give it a proper try. The Yankee. Candle tea light this time is in Christmas Garland which is a nice Christmassy smell and I really like the picture that it shows for the label for this one.


I really like the sizes of the products in this advent calendar so far, though I know it’s only day 3 they seem to be a nice size to use multiple times. This Grumpy Cow body lotion is a able from their own site in this 100ml bottle for £6, though it’s £10 not on offer. Larger 300ml bottles are available in other places, I found it in Marks and Spencer for £20. I really love the packaging on this, for a small bottle it’s a nice quality plastic with one of those click top lids that means it’s probably safe for travel. It looks like a flat lid but it clicks up so half of it flips up to show a small square hold, as there’s no hinge on the end it’s not likely to get knocked and break off like some other bottles do. 

The scent is descirbed as red mandarin, bitter orange and grapefruit but it’s not a straight citrus smell. IT has coriander seed oil, geranium oil, cardamom oil and sandalwood and they all give it a more herby earthy scent. It’s quite nice but not as refreshing as if it was pure citrus fruits. It’s a nice formula as it’s very thick but melts into your skin easily. The scent does linger but it’s pretty subtle after half an hour to the point of having to smell yourself to smell it. To me that’s pretty good as it’s the kind of smell that could clash with perfume but I don’t think that should be a problem as it dries and becomes weaker.

This is another of the stronger pine scents, I don’t really get the cranberries but there’s something in there that really makes me think of small shops in the winter. When it’s not lit this doesn’t have that much scent but when it warms up it becomes pretty strong and might be overpowering in a small room. I would say it’s a fairly classic Christmas scent without being obviously any scent apart from he pine which does stand out to me but it’s not in the cleaning product or air freshener way. This is available in a range of products but the tea lights come in a set of 12 for £6.99 on their site.

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