Advent 2015: Day 2

I do love these advent calendars, today in the Marks and Spencer one I got a Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream which I think is full size, if not it’s a great size anyway as you don’t need much at a time. I think that the Yankee candle one is cinnamon stick as it doesn’t actually say which is which number, even inside the door, which does leave a bit of guess work for the first one of each until I have one of all of them open so I can compare the more spice based ones to work them out.

Yesterday’s post ended up being done on the laptop because it froze in the app trying to post it, will see if I can get the hang of the app to do these from now on though. I’m hoping this read more thing works but if not I’ll just have to edit it later.

I do love Burt’s Bees products, this cuticle cream smells amazing, just like fresh lemon zest rather than the fake slightly cleaning product smell you get sometimes with lemon products. It’s got the leaping bunny and they’re animal friendly but I don’t think this is a vegan product. I’ve had this in the past and loved it as it’s so good at keeping cuticles moisturised and works well on other dry patches like elbows. It could work well if you have very dry hands, especially in this season, as long as you don’t have open cracks as I imagine the lemon would hurt a bit if you did. It’s a fairly thick product, the consistency of a lot of lip balms, but it melts well when it comes into contact with your skin so it’s easy to use. It looks greasy at first but sinks in easily in a couple of minutes so it doesn’t stay on the surface. This tin is 15g which is full size and costs £5.99 in Boots or £6.49 on their own website. This is definitely a product I would recommend having used it in the past so I’m happy it’s a full size one in the calendar. It’s great for in your bag as the tin stays shut well as long as it’s not very hot as the balm can get a bit melty above a certain temperature and then it gets messy.

Today’s tea light is a stronger scent than yesterday’s and a true cinnamon smell to me. It’s one of those smells that instantly makes me think of winter and Christmas. It has a good throw and the candle scented my room even before it was lit as we went out in the afternoon and I left it in the tea light holder and I came back to my rooms emailing of cinnamon. It is pretty strong so could be  be overwhelming but I think if you like cinnamon and clove scents then this is a good one that will easily fill a larger room. I am definitely going to be lighting this and might get a bigger candle in it next year as it could be a nice autumn warm you up scent too. This can be found on the Yankee Candle site in a pack of 12 which costs £6.99, though they’re currently out of stock there’s a large range of other products in the scent.

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