Advent 2015: Day 1

I’ve decided to go back to last year’s advent style and do this on the ipad because it’s a quick first impression after I’ve opened them, I may review some of these at another time. Do you guys like this or go back to on the laptop with a longer review?

Today’s advent presents were a tea light in icicle (I think, going by colour and scent description on the back) and a Philip Kingsley elasticizer in geranium and neroli.

I have two advent calendars this year; the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar that wasn’t available for long but cost £25 when you spent £25 in M&S beauty and claims to have £400 worth of products in and the smaller Yankee Candle advent calendar that has 23 tea lights and one of the votives for Christmas Eve, which was £20 in Boots though it was £24.99 on the Yankee UK site.

I don’t know how many countries have advent calendars but we’ve always had them since we were little in my family so now they do beauty advent calendars I had to get them. I have removed the boxes from the Marks and Spencer one and reshuffled them so there’s a bit if a look to find them which always part of the fun to me.

 This smells amazing, I wasn’t sure which it was but the hint of pine makes it seem like this is likely icicles as there are only two that aren’t red/orange based and the other is sugar and vanilla. This is just a really nice winter scent with a mix of winter spice and pine with a hint of something that makes it a bit sweeter for some reason. I am going to burn each one every day and they’re meant to last 4-6 house each so there’s going to be a nice length of smell from this and there’s a fair amount of scent without even burning it in the area around the tea light. These are £6.99 for a pack of 12 on their site.

 I have had a shampoo and conditioner from Philip Kingsley which was really nice and worked well with my hair and this being a pre-shampoo treatment is intriguing, I will definitely be giving it a go and see how well it works for me. As far as I can tell this tube is full which is good, I’ll have to see when I use more but I’ve had that end up and no air bubbles yet. It’s pretty thick and, with my hair being thick and the length it is now I think this will be a one or two use tube but with shorter or normal to thinner hair it will last a few uses. I can see it being very moisturising with this texture. I do like this smell, I think it’s the geranium that’s the stronger scent to me but there’s a hint of sweet citrus which makes the geranium less overpowering, which I sometimes find with geranium products. 75ml of this costs £16 on their site (though I don’t see a scent on it) so I guess this would be around £8 worth of product.

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