Advent 2015: Day 24 (Christmas Eve!)

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Today’s advent calendars have very red products with a Morgan Taylor nail varnish in pretty a Woman which is a nice classic creme finish red that is a great colour for around Christmas. I like wearing red creme finish varnishes with a bit of glitter on the tips of my nails, especially one with bits of white alongside holographic glitters as a sort of snow effect. The candle in the Yankee Candle advent calendar is a votive, a larger candle that needs to be out into a votive holder or glass as it doesn’t have a plastic or glass container as part of the candle like their others do. This is in a new scent as well, a very appropriate Christmas Eve which is supposed to be a fruity one and I think I get that, it’s not overly Christmassy so might work the rest of the year too.

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Merry Christmas!

Or whatever festival you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate anything then I hope you have a happy December. I’m surprised it’s only the last few days here it’s been cold enough to feel like winter, hopefully the weather wherever you are is ok and anyone with bad weather stays safe.

A bit of a different post for me but I’ve been doing festive things all today and seen all these posts up so thought I’d do some photos of our decorations, they’re just phone photos so I hope they’re good enough quality. 🙂 it feels like this is the first time in a couple of months that I’m actually having the time and energy to read blogs, my body has not been cooperating recently so sorry I’ve sort of lost contact with anyone.

That’s one thing I love about Christmas, talking to people you don’t contact often, getting cards and catching up whether it’s friends or family, real life contacts or online. So I hope you’re all having a good festive season and managing to relax a bit.


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ME, Myself and I: Home Haircuts

I’ve never been someone who gets a haircut for Christmas, I do know a lot of people do but I’ve just always had whatever my hair was and it tends to look rather untamed as we start opening presents and the photos start early when we’re still in our pyjamas. Maybe this year we will be a bit slower in getting them open but I decided to go for a short haircut and it’ll be so much easier to look after.

I’m also not someone who particularly enjoys going to the hairdressers, I don’t mind it but it takes so much energy and I end up feeling dizzy and exhausted which doesn’t exactly make it a fun experience no matter how nice the stylist is. A few years ago I tried this method of cutting my own hair, well mum often does the actual cutting, where you tie it in pony tails on various points on your head and it gives different effects and I really liked the way it looked with my hair.

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Advent 2015: Day 23

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Today is another great day in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar with a full sized Stila Lip Glaze in Sugar Plum. I can’t find this exact shade on the Marks and Spencer website so I think it may be a limited edition Christmas colour though I don’t think it’s an exclusive in the calendar. I’ve never tried a Stila Lip Glaze before but I’ve heard a lot about them, unfortunately after trying it it seems to have gone missing so I’m going to have to see if someone else picked it up, I’ve still used it a couple of times so I have a good idea of what it’ll be like. The Yankee Candle tea light today is a Snowflake Cookie one which is one for you if you like your sweet bakery scents. This is the last of the tea lights, tomorrow is a larger votive in a new scent so I’m excited to see what that one is like.

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Advent 2015: Day 22

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The Marks and Spencer calendar has another skin care product, I’m quite pleased with the others so far and as this is from Ren, a company I’ve used some samples from and liked, I’m definitely giving this a go. It’s the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial in a 15ml tube which I think should give it a few uses. I have never heard of this product before so I’ll have to see how well it works. The Yankee Candle advent is a tea light in the scent Christmas Garland which is a nice, pine based scent which is pretty strong so it’ll be one I don’t burn the rest of the year but so far the others I’ve got in this scent have all been burnt and I really like it. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this one and was mainly focussing on the cinnamon based ones and the fresher smells when I bought it but it’s definitely grown on me and I’m considering buying one next year if the do it, or maybe just another advent calendar.

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Advent 2015: Day 21

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I think that the Marks and Spencer advent calendar gifts seem to be getting better in the lead up to Christmas, today is a 100ml bottle of Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic. I’ve heard a lot about Pixi on blogs and youtube but I don’t remember any of it being about the skin care, it’s mainly been about the makeup so was interested to see how this one worked. The Yankee Candle advent calendar has a Christmas Memories, this is one of those perfect Christmas smells to me with the warm spicy winter scent.

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Advent 2015: Day 20

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In the Yankee Candle advent calendar there was another Cinnamon Stick tea light, it’s a great Christmas scent but very strong so I have to feel like burning it but they’re all getting burnt. The Marks and Spencer advent calendar had a small bottle of Verbena Shower Gel by L’Occitane, this is a scent I’ve been wanting to smell properly since I heard about it a few years ago. I’ve had a few L’Occitane products in the past though it’s been mainly around moisturising and soap rather than very scented products. It was one of the products that I was looking forward to trying it when I saw it on the product list.

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Advent 2015: Day 19

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The M&S present today is another makeup thing, I’m surprised at how few makeup products there have been so far in this calendar really. It’s the Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in the shade Nude which is a nice neutral. I think this is one of the only M&S brand product  there have been, I think there may have been the shampoo which had a Marks and Spencer address on the back but as far as I can remember that’s it, the rest have been brands you can buy elsewhere too. I have heard a lot about M&S makeup so interested to see how it works. The Yankee Candle tea light is another Angel’s Wings which is a great scent for me as it’s one that isn’t specifically Christmas so I’m keeping these and burning others before them so I can have these the rest of the year.

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Advent 2015: Day 18

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I like today’s M&S gift and it’ll definitely be going into my box of travel sized bits as it’s a small Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Moisturising Soap. It’s a nice enough smell but the main reason I live it is the size, it’s great for travel so I’ve used it and left it to dry before it goes back in its box. The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Icicles candle, which is a nice light winter scent so I’m happy to get as many of these in the calendar as possible as it’s one of the more different scents that doesn’t mainly smell of Christmas spices.

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Advent 2015: Day 17

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Today’s Yankee Candle is another Snowflake Cookie tea light, which may not be burned as it is not my favourite and a very sweet bakery scent. The Marks and Spencer gift today was a 50ml tube of Swell Ultimate Volume Masque, though this isn’t a brand I’ve heard if before. It’s quite helpful on the tube as it has instructions for different hair lengths and how much to do for super soft hair or damaged/coloured hair which is nice so there’s no guesswork. I will definitely be giving this a go though it isn’t for my hair type, they’re definitely going for volumising when it comes to hair products  which I guess is a safe choice and goes with the trend of adding volume that seems to have been popular recently.

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