Review: Too Faced Matte Eye Palette


Another palette review today, the first Too Faced palette I bought was the Matte Eye Palette and I got it back when they were sold in Boots with my points. It’s still available on their own site for £26 (£13 in the 50% sale) which I think is less than I paid for it back then. I think it’s one of the few that’s still being sold in the old packaging, using the card rather than the tins that they’ve started using on more recent palettes.

Like all of these smaller Too Faced palettes it has nine eyeshadows, three larger ones with 2g of product that are good for an all over base and six 0.9g eyeshadows that can give you a range of looks. It’s arranged into three different rows with colours that work together for a day, classic or fashion look and there are cards in the lid that have instructions for each of them. As the name suggests these are all matte which is a nice idea but I’m not sure how well these pure matte palettes work for pigmentation and a range of looks.

Even though this is in the old style card packaging the design of the front is still the same style as the newer metal versions. I do like the outside of these, I think as a range of palettes they’re probably my favourites and I’d happily have them out on a dressing table if I had one. Despite being card this one feels pretty sturdy and, as the magnetic closing is on an extra flap, it holds closed really well. I do keep the outer card box as well with these just to keep the palette itself clean. I’d say these close well enough to take them travelling even without the card outer box but if you weren’t so sure then it’s a good size for a regular rubber band and it doesn’t damage it at all.


The main thing about these that makes them less suited for travel is the lack of a mirror, though I think if I ever did take it then I’d have another palette with a mirror with me too. As there is no mirror then it doesn’t matter about the lack of a hinge as you don’t need to keep the back upright. In the lid there are the three cards and these older versions only have them in the graphic format rather than a photo as well. They’re separate cards and one side has the English version and the other has it in French.


The way the products are set into the palette itself is nice, it’s easy to use and I do like the fact you get the different sized ones with larger pans for the colours that are likely to be used the most. Onto the eyeshadows themselves and I have to say that, of all my palettes, this is probably the one that has impressed me the least. I know I’ve read quite a few good reviews for this so it may be just that I can’t get them to work but I just do not find these work as I would expect from a Too Faced eyeshadow. With the swatches I have used it on top of a primer for the top half and no primer for he bottom.


Tufted Suede – Matte cool beige. A nice colour to blend out and does work for this but isn’t very pigmented at all. Feels powdery and you have to be careful with fallout even though there’s no glitter. Three layers in the swatch so it needed a few to become remotely opaque.

Chinchilla – Light cool brown. Feels nice and smooth but fairly powdery. Not very pigmented but does work as a colour to blend between others. Blends ok when combined with others but not on its own. When used with a primer it tends to stick to the original spot and not blend out. Took three layers to become as opaque as in the swatch.

Coffee Bean – Dark cool brown. Fairly smooth and pigmented but applies patchy and does not blend well at all. With primer it sticks in place pretty well so may work as an eyeliner, it doesn’t blend when it’s on there though. Needs a few layers to be opaque, mainly making up for the patchy application as it is fairly pigmented.


Velveteen Bunny – Off white cream. This is very pale and pretty pigmented for this palette. One layer is good as an under brow highlight for me so it might work well if you have fair skin. Doesn’t blend very well as it disappears to nothing if you try. Feels pretty smooth but dry and powdery when you actually apply it.

Pebbles – Cool mid grey, has almost a green or blue hint to it. Fairly well pigmented but dry and powdery and seems to apply fairly patchy even with primer. It takes a few layers to be opaque but it does stick there when you apply it, doesn’t blend well with a primer and without it seems to disappear quickly.

London Fog – Very dark blue/black. Although it says it’s a matte there seems to be a hint of shimmer in this and I don’t know how as it doesn’t appear when you apply it. Applies pretty patchy but does stick and works as an eyeliner if you pack it on. It’s fairly powdery though so you have to be careful with that.


Fresh Linen – Very pale pink. Fairly well pigments, goes opaque in two layers on top of a primer but doesn’t blend well as it seems to disappear. It seems to be another that works well as a highlight colour and is good for paler skinned people. Fairly powdery and fine so there can be a bit of fallout.

Vintage Violet – Dusty cool lavender. Another that seems to have a hint of shimmer though it’s more obvious in this one, it gives it a sort of ‘dewy’ finish. Fairly pigmented and applies pretty evenly though it doesn’t blend well. Fairly powdery and the tiny shimmer particles can create fallout but the pigmented bit itself doesn’t seem to.

Midnight – Cool dark grey. Another that has a blue/green tint to it. Pretty pigmented, applies evenly and opaque in two layers to get the same colour as in the pan. Blends fairly well without a primer but not so well with as it just sticks there. I didn’t have any problem with fallout for this one.

I used makeup remover a couple of times and there were still marks for the darker eyeshadows without primer, it took quite a bit of rubbing to remove it completely

I think the main problem I have with this palette is the general formula for the eyeshadow. Although it’s very finely milled and silky feeling there’s quite a bit of fallout because of this. The dryness of it also means that, although it sticks well with a primer, it doesn’t blend well once you’ve applied ot to a primer and it doesn’t stick well for me without one. Strangely it seems like the lighter colours are more pigmented, though they’re a close match to my skin so it’s harder to see, and the darker colours, apart from midnight, apply pretty patchy and need the extra layers just to even it out.


I do like the idea of a mattes palette to use alongside my others if they don’t have a matte in them but I don’t tend to do looks with all matte colours, I like a bit of shimmer or something in there. I would only use a matte palette alongside others and, when this came out, I think that there were very few who were including mattes alongside the other finishes in their palettes. I think all of these colours are cool so if you prefer warmer colours or find they suit you better then this isn’t a palette for you.

It may be that my skin just does not get on with these and maybe if you have more oily skin they would stick better. I don’t see how it seemed to get good review on other sites really, I saw quite a few giving it 5 stars when they used that rating and I can’t get it to work for me no matter how many different primers I use (I’ve tried it with four different brands including their own) or different techniques and brushes to apply it. Have any of you got this palette and found out how to get it to work for you? I want to love this one as some of the colours are very nice, vintage violet particularly stands out to me, so if I can find a way to make it work for me I might keep it. As it is it’s one in my de-clutter that’s being put in the pile for giving to someone or maybe selling as it’s in good condition.

Overall I don’t think I could recommend this palette to anyone really, which is a pity as I normally find the Too Faced eyeshadows pretty well pigmented and nice to use. If you want a purely matte palette there are others out there at the moment that are cheaper, I haven’t tried any but I don’t think they can be much worse than this. The only colours I would actually use from this palette on a regular basis are the lightest colours in the bigger pans and I’d use them as highlight colours, though I have enough of them in other palettes to not need this.


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