Review: Sleek iLust Palette in The Gold Standard


I recently made an order from Boots for some presents and had quite a few Boots points built up. I decided to get this palette as I haven’t seen the Sleek iLust palettes before, I think it’s a new line and so far this is the only one I’ve seen. It has a mix of cream and powder eyeshadows and has less than the normal iDivine palettes. The six eyeshadows are all shimmer, with two of them being creams and the other four powders.

This palette costs £7.49 in Boots and on their own site and has six eyeshadows rather than the normal 12, I think the weights of each eyeshadow are similar as iDivines have 12 x 1.1g eyeshadows and this one says the weight is 6g which would make it 1g each. I can’t find an official weight for each one though so this could be wrong.


The cardboard case for this palette is different to the current range of iDivines, the gold background with different shades in it stands out to me amongst the others. The colours inside the palette are on the front though I would say it’s not a very accurate representation as they all look warmer than in the palette and some have an almost pink tint to them.


I think Sleek have gone for a more luxurious look with this palette, and possibly this range if they do more in itiLust6, as they have gold highlighting the name and a border of the lid rather than just having a shiny finish in black for the logo. The shape of this also makes it stand out, it’s a lot longer and flatter looking from the top though the depth of the palette is slightly more than with the iDivines. On the back it says that this is part of the 24K Gold collection, though I haven’t seen anything else in it yet.


Inside it has the standard full size mirror like in all Sleek palettes and it’s a good quality mirror without any distortion so I think it’s the same quality as previous ones. The hinge is good too, it holds it open at whatever angle you choose and stays there. It feels slightly stiffer than others though it will probably become less so over time. Inside the eyeshadows are in square pans rather than the normal round though this doesn’t make much difference to me as either is easy to use when they’re the size of the Sleek ones.


Another main difference between this and the other Sleek palettes is the brush that’s included. Instead of the normal double ended sponge tip applicator this time there’s a brush at one end with the other being the sponge tip. The sponge tip is as good as ever, for one of these types of applicator it does work quite well and can pack the product on your eyelids. It also works well as a blender for eyeliner or eyeshadow if you’ve used it in the same way but I don’t find it good for blending eyeshadows. The brush end of this if pretty good when it comes to blending but it’s not great for picking up the product for application as it only seems to pick up a small amount so you’d have to build it up for any real impact. If you just want a sheer cover of the colour then it’ll work well.


I like the combination of cream and powder eyeshadows, in the past I’ve used other brands as a base for eyeshadows so was hoping to be able to use that and if they’re as pigmented as most Sleek eyeshadows then they’d be a good base to blend others. The names for these eyeshadows seem to be based around designers, which I guess is as good a theme as any for a more luxury look palette.


Laurent – Dark brown base with coppery red and purple shimmer powder shadow. Fairly pigmented though it does blend to nothing very easily without any primer so it definitely needs a base. Opaque in one layer and lasts well with primer. Feels a bit powdery in the palette and quite a bit of fallout if you’re not careful when applying or blending.

Coco – Warm orange copper shimmer powder shadow. Very creamy and pigmented with or without a primer, needs primer to blend though as it disappears without it. Opaque with one layer and lasts well.

Margiela – Browny copper shimmer cream shadow. Very soft and easy to use but stays wet unless you set it. It needs some powder on top to be able to blend it as it does not dry and tends to melt and move even half an hour after application. Very opaque with one layer and blends out well before setting, once set it stays there and the eyeshadow on top blends out.

Vera – Gold metallic powder eyeshadow. Very creamy and opaque with one layer with or without primer. Needs primer to stay but blends out either way. Little or no fallout when blending or application.

Louis – Pinky champagne shimmer with silver particles, cream eyeshadow. Applies very soft and creamy but not very evenly and the glitter spreads further than the base. It works very well as an overall glitter look though as, although the base is uneven the glitter spreads evenly. Lasts well but needs to be set as it doesn’t really dry unless very sheer.

Vivienne – Pale champagne shimmer cream eyeshadow. Very creamy and soft to apply, blends out well though needs primer to be opaque. Opaque with one layer though it’s a very pale colour so doesn’t stand out that much against my skin. A nice shimmery finish that works well to add sheen on top of other shadows or sets the cream eyeshadows well.

This angle shows the shimmer a bit better


Overall I do like this palette, I’m slightly disappointed with the formula of the cream eyeshadows as they just do not set on my skin without some kind of powder over them which would mean altering the colour of the cream shadow. I do like the colours of them and they’re nicely opaque but the formula lets them down. I think, apart from the first colour Laurent, they’re very nice and pigmented and blend out pretty well and it’s a nice combination of sparkly shades that will add some shine to any look. They’re fairly neutral colours with a bit of a glittery twist that I think will work well over Christmas or to any party to add to a more neutral look. I do like the idea of including a brush instead of the normal double ended sponge but I think maybe having a fluffier brush that’ll pick up more product might be better, maybe a double ended brush over the sponge.

For the price I do think that these are worth getting compared to other drug store brands though I think it would be better if they improve their cream eyeshadow formula in this. It does work as a base but not as a product as a colour on its own which means you effectively end up with four different colours. They do work when mixing the cream bases with the powders and this means that you kind of get twelve in here if you count all of the combinations of base with powder.

Although they are nice colours I wouldn’t say that any of them are particularly unique compared to others that are out there so if you already have similar then it may not be worth it. I think I’d probably want to use another palette alongside this one as they are all very sparkly so I could have a mix of some mattes in there so it wouldn’t work as the lone palette when travelling but it’s small enough that it’ll easily fit into a bag or suitcase alongside another small palette.

2 thoughts on “Review: Sleek iLust Palette in The Gold Standard

    1. I think it depends what you want from a palette, if you just want shimmer I’d say it’s good. The pigmentation and formula is the same as the iDivines I have. The cream does let it down but if you use them in combination with the powders they mix well. I would say as a palette to add sparkle it’s good but as the main palette maybe an I divine would be better as it has a greater range in it.

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