Review: Sleek iLust Palette in The Gold Standard


I recently made an order from Boots for some presents and had quite a few Boots points built up. I decided to get this palette as I haven’t seen the Sleek iLust palettes before, I think it’s a new line and so far this is the only one I’ve seen. It has a mix of cream and powder eyeshadows and has less than the normal iDivine palettes. The six eyeshadows are all shimmer, with two of them being creams and the other four powders.

This palette costs £7.49 in Boots and on their own site and has six eyeshadows rather than the normal 12, I think the weights of each eyeshadow are similar as iDivines have 12 x 1.1g eyeshadows and this one says the weight is 6g which would make it 1g each. I can’t find an official weight for each one though so this could be wrong.

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