Recent Purchases: Paperchase Christmas Things


I ended up making two separate purchases from Paperchase, one from their website and another from their store on Amazon. My original purchase was the store but they didn’t have the pink Santa that I really wanted and then I found it on Amazon so bought a couple of extra bits to make the postage worth it, though one isn’t really Christmassy. The things I bought from their website I also got 10% off with my UniDays voucher for being a student so if you’re a student in the UK it’s worth signing up for that as it’s free.

For years I’ve had the same decorations, most of them being from Paperchase as they do really nice mini ones that fit on my 2 foot tall tree. I just felt like I needed a change as I’ve had the same ones for years and although I’m still keeping them and I’ll use some there was a limited amount of different ways of using them. And then I saw the neon collection in Paperchase and I just had to have some from them. As I’m writing this the ones I have included a link in are in stock but the Christmas decorations bit in Paperchase seems to be decreasing each time I go on there so if you like the look of them I’d get them quickly.


The first things I got I saw and felt like I had to have them as they’re like mini versions of some decorations we’ve had since I was little but looking less eaten by dogs than the larger versions we put on our trees. This is the 48 Mini Wooden Decorations and cost £12 which is a good price to me for so many decorations that will actually fit my tree and not look oversized.paperchasechristmas5 They don’t have the best paint job ever as some of the eyes are a bit wonky but as they’re hand painted I’m ok with that, they are pretty small and whoever it is that made them would have to paint a lot. Some of them have more detail than any of the older sets we’ve got, like the blue angel with a yellow pattern on. Unfortunately a couple of them did arrive damaged and one of them is missing part of its head so I’m going to return them and see if I can get a replacement. If they go out of stock though I might be tempted to just paint the top of its head like a brain or something and make it a zombie angel, I’m just waiting to see whether their customer service will accept it as I already opened them before I saw it. There isn’t a measurement on their site for them but I’d say that they range from 2cm – 4cm in height and width and the deepest one would probably be 2cm deep to give you an idea of scale.


The second is from the fluorescent range I said about and it’s the box of 25 Fluro Mini Glass Baubles which cost £4. They’re 2cm each which is the perfect size for a 2 foot tree and they don’t come with string but the other set I have of these from a few years ago look really nice with normal sewing cotton.paperchasechristmas3 The other set has lasted for years and none are broken yet. They aren’t shatter proof as they’re just normal glass baubles but they look amazing and I love these colours for my white branch to be a bit different from the standard clear crystals I’ve been using for years. I did plan on getting the multi-coloured ones as well but they only have it in the big boxes left now and I don’t need 100 of them, 25 is enough for the size of my tree. I might see if they have them in the store near me if I go near there.


This 2m White and Silver Holly Garland is so pretty, though unfortunately it does leave a bit of a glitter shower whenever I pick it up. This is getting less every time I pick it up and there doesn’t seem to be any less glitter on the actual product so I think it’s just excess from the production process. It costs £7 which is fairly expensive, at least to me, for a sparkly Christmas garland type thing but I think it’s definitely worth it. I love how, although it says it’s white and silver there are holographic glitter pieces in it as well that really stand out in the light and shows up in so many colours depending on where you stand. Although it’s got that sparkle it’s more subtle than full on tinsel, I do see the berry bits coming off first though as they’re the standard thin silver tinsel material, the leaves are a more sturdy material. I can see this surviving a while and even when the berries come off I think the leaf bits will look nice on their own.


This Pink Sparkly Santa was the one that I saw first on the Paperchase site and thought I had to get it but left it too late as they were gone the next day. If I want any next year I am definitely ordering as quickly as possible, even in October there were reviews so they must have been up pretty early. This decoration is like a new version of a gold sparkly Santa we have on our bits and pieces tree from nearly 30 years ago and he’s looking a bit worse for wear and this is just so close I had to get it. Although it’s sparkly it’s not like it’s a lot of glitter on it, it’s actually more subtly shiny than I expected, it also means that you don’t get a shower of glitter every time you touch it. I can see this glitter lasting a long time, I’m not sure about the fluffy bits as they’re like fluffy pipecleaners stuck on and I know those bits tend to be the first to go on these kinds of decorations. Overall a better quality one than I expected given that it’s £3. There were only 8 in stock on Amazon when I ordered it so if there’s any left it’s definitely one to get quickly.


I said in the last ME, Myself and I that I like wrapping things up and the wrapping paper is so pretty this year. I love the Scandi style that they have a range of this year, this Scandi wrapping paper is £3.50 and in the 3 for 2 offer with a lot of the other wrapping paper. My parents also got a brown paper style Kraft one with trees on it which cost £3.75, so they have those two to make up the 3 in the offer. I also got the Red Bows and Ribbon set for £1.50 from the Amazon store for wrapping, I love these ribbons that go curly when you drag scissors along them and the red star bow things are so nice, I’ll probably keep them after I use them for family and reuse them each year as long as they look ok just sticking more double sided tape on the back.


The last thing is some Hearts & Clouds Washi Tape which is so pretty and cost £3. I’ve always loved the look of washi tape but never really bought any for some reason. This one is so cute without being over the top, I don’t tend to go for things with hearts on but it’s mainly the clouds with some hearts in there as well so it’ll go with blue or red when I finally start to colour coordinate my planner weekly pages. I plan on making more of an effort on my planning as I started well this year but it sort of failed in my Filofax about half way through so I’m going to get pretty things to decorate it. This is the first of quite a few washi tapes I think, I love the feel of them and the look of decorated planners so will be getting more.


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