Review: theBalm Mr Write Eyeliner in Brian


Here’s another product from theBalm, this time one of their eyeliners. I bought it a while ago from Superdrug and it costs £13.49. It’s available in multiple colours but I chose Brian as it’s a nice nude colour and I’ve always wanted one to use in my waterline after hearing that they’re better than white for a more natural look. There are seven colours which isn’t a great range for eyeliners but they seem to cover most of the more common ones.

I’m not great with eyeliner, as I’ve said before, so I haven’t used it all that much but I’ve had a play around with it recently and given it a test on my hand against water just to see how it lasted. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but says it has a built in sharpener, which has confused me a bit as it’s one of those twist one, maybe that’s what they’re meaning but it just seems a bit awkward to say built in sharpener and retractable tip for a twist one.


The first thing I love about this is the box that the product comes in, I know that probably sounds weird but it’s the cartoon style with the retro feel that I like. Inside the product is plainer so I’m keeping the box even if it means it doesn’t fit in with my other eyeliners. It does also have the colour on the top of the box along with the name so I can tell which is which easily anyway if I get more. thebalmmrwritebrian2The pencil itself has a plastic case and a twist up end with the colour on it, another easy way to tell which it is when you’re looking through eyeliners. It twists pretty easily but stays in place when you’re using it which is good as sometimes they seem to be a bit hard to twist or are so loose they disappear if you press with it, not that I do on my eyes but I tried on my hand to check. The packaging is a fairly standard shape and size, it’s easy enough to use and not slippery so you get a nice line.


The product itself is so creamy, as someone who isn’t great with eyeliner I find it hard to get one that I really like. I find that a lot tend to drag a bit so something this soft is really nice. It doesn’t break easily either so it’s not too soft and you can get a nice precise line as long as the tip is fairly pointy. It goes on easily, no dragging and it’s pretty thick and opaque with one layer. This may not be the best colour to show that as it’s a skin tone but I imagine that other, darker colours will be well pigmented so it’s definitely a brand I’ll consider when looking for eyeliner. When you first apply it it’s fairly easy to smudge a bit if you want that look but it does set quickly so you have a couple of minutes maximum and then it’s staying wherever it is. I tried quite a bit of rubbing and my skin went red before it started to move.


I know it doesn’t say it’s waterproof, at least not anywhere I can see, I thought I’d give it a bit of a test with it anyway. I ran cold water on it and rubbed and there was no movement. When I tried water that was a bit warmer it did start to melt a bit but I’d say it’s probably what you’d call splash proof if it was a watch rather than being full on waterproof. It works well on my waterline and my eyes do water quite a bit at times and it didn’t move from that. It survived a few hours when I wore it including a couple of times when my eyes watered and most of it was left when it was time to remove it so I’d consider that a success.

Overall I was very happy with this, it does cost more than I would normally spend on an eyeliner but I think that this is, so far, my favourite brand just for the formula. I do love one of the brands I got from MeMe box but it’s hard to find in the UK and this is a lot easier to get. I do wish that there was a greater range of colours, there is a nice golden or bronzey colour called Jac that I think will be the next one I try as I do love that kind of colour for eyeliner and my current one is getting low.

If £13.49 is within the price range you’re willing to pay for eyeliner I would definitely recommend this. I can’t say it’s definitely waterproof or how pigmented the darker colours are but I might be getting them if I suddenly start to like dark eyeliner and improve my eyeliner skills. If you want a nice nude eyeliner then I would say this is a good one to look at. If your skin is very fair like mine then it does look a bit darker than your natural skin tone, or at least on mine, but on the waterline it isn’t obvious. Although it’s more than I’d normally spend it’s definitely worth it compared to the cheaper ones I’ve tried before.


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