Review: theBalm Balm Jovi Face Palette


I got this recently from ShopBXB and I was so excited about it that it jumped the queue of palettes I’ve got to review and I had a play around with it today. I hope the photos are ok, I did a big batch of photos for posts because we had half decent light outside today and that hasn’t really happened for the past month with the British autumn.

The Balm Jovi palette by theBalm has been out for a while and I have wanted it since I saw a review on YouTube but it was always either not available in the UK or out of stock and I’ve only seen it in stock recently and then it was £37 I think. This was £25 in the sale (now £28 here) so I had to get it. It’s a face palette and it has twelve eyshadows/liners in a mix of mattes, shimmers, metallics and one I would consider a glitter. It also has a highlighter, blush and two cream products that can be lip or cheek tints. The ingredients for the eyeshadows are the same as for the highlighter and blush so I think they could be used for eyeshadows if you like the colours for that.


I love the names of theBalm palettes and the front of this looking a bit like a promo thing for a CD with a couple of reviews and the Living on a Stare tag line are a nice touch. The packaging itself has a sleeve which I find really helpful for travel and I always keep them on these palettes. It’s a card palette which means it could get damaged if it gets wet or maybe if there’s high humidity so I’d keep it out of the bathroom.

Size comparison

One thing I noticed compared to the Balm Voyage palette, which is the only other large palette I have form them, is the size difference. I think that the Balm Jovi palette is more the normal size for them as I think it’s the same size as the Balm voyage 2 palettes I saw recently. It’s a nice size for me, it’s about the size of my hand and not much bigger than the Sleek palettes which are a pretty standard size for palettes. As it contains all the powder products you need I think it’s one that might be a good travel palette and would be a good size to pack in a bag.




balmjovi9The palette has two flaps, one at the top that covers the powder products and a separate one at the bottom to cover the creamy ones, the small cover at the bottom also includes some recommended combinations with two eyeshadows, a powder product and one of the cream products. I really like it when companies do this as sometimes powder products can get a bit messy balmjovi8when you’re using them, especially if they’re blushes which need a bigger brush in them, and then they end up all over the creamy products and it’s impossible to get them out without digging out half the cream product. The top cover has a mirror in it, it’s a heart shape and not that big but it’s still large enough to see your face to apply makeup. I’m always a bit undecided about palettes that have lids that only attach by cardboard without a proper hinge as they need to be leaned up against something to stay at a good angle for you to actually use but I haven’t really found this a problem as there’s normally a surface that’s next to a wall that works when I stay somewhere if there isn’t a mirror in the room.


I love the names in this palette and how they grouped the eyeshadows so they aren’t all just around one genre of music and the more neutral and matte colours are mainly under the classical music theme. It reminds me a bit of the Too Faced palettes that recommend colours that work well together as a bit of a guide if you’re not as confident with makeup. I’ve done swatches for all of them though I’ve photographed them in the groups they have named them.


Metal-ica – Metallic silver. So creamy and blends really well. One layer gives a bit of a shimmer but it needs two or three to get a proper silver foil look. Doesn’t stick well without primer and is harder to build so definitely needs it.

Iron Maid-in – Metallic beige gold, not a bright gold but gives a gold effect. Same formula as Metal-ica and really creamy. Takes a few layers to get a proper metallic finish but one layer does give a nice shimmery effect.

Lead Zeppelin – Dark brown base with a warm hint to it in the light with bronzey gold shimmer particles. This is probably the only one I’d call a glitter as they’re pretty big particles. It does need primer to stick and blends to pretty much nothing but glitter without it. Quite a bit of fallout if you’re not careful but it’s pretty opaque and blends well if you’re careful.

Alice Copper – Shimmery maroon with silver particles in it. It doesn’t seem to show up as red on camera as it is in real life, no matter how I photograph it with different lights. Without a primer it disappears pretty quickly but with it it sticks and is opaque inone layer. There’s very little fallout from the shimmer particles but if you’re not careful it can fall a bit. It blends pretty well but it did take a bit of rubbing to remove it on the part of my arm without primer so even if you don’t normally use it I’d recommend it for this in case it stains your eyelids.



Adagio – Matte warm cream. Not that pigmented without primer but the perfect colour for an under brow highlight if you’re pale skinned like me. Pretty powdery but blends quite well, it does make a bit of a mess in the palette when you use it so you have to tap it off the brush as it seems to pick up a lot no matter how light you are with it.

Allegro – Cool mid brown matte. Fairly powdery in the palette but blends well. It feels like the same formula as adagio but with slightly more pigmentation. It definitely needs a primer for the colour to show properly an blends to nothing without it very easily.

Moderato – Cool dark brown. Because it’s a cooler brown it almost makes me think of purple. The same formula as the others in the Classical column but better pigmentation. One layer is pretty well pigmented even without primer but it needs it to have any staying power. It’s fairly powdery but I think if you could use a liquid binder it would work really well as a liner.

Presto – Warm dark brown, though it doesn’t seem that warm it’s warmer than moderato. Unfortunately this isn’t very pigmented, even with primer it takes a few layers to get a proper dark colour. It’s fairly powdery in the palette and there’s quite a bit of powder fallout when you use it. I don’t know why this isn’t as pigmented as moderato when it looks so close to each other in the palette.


Blink 1982 – Shimmery cool taupe with silver shimmer. Not as creamy as most of those in the heavy metal column but very pigmented, blends well and fairly creamy and not powdery. Without primer it’s still fairly pigmented and is one of the only eyeshadows in here that works well without as well.

The Stroke – Black or very dark blue matte base with cool shimmer (I think there’s blue, greeny blue and silver in there). The base for this isn’t very pigmented without primer and doesn’t blend all that well with or without as it seems to stay in the place of the original application and only a faint amount blends so the line stays pretty obvious. It’s pretty powdery and makes a mess of the palette and there’s a fair amount o fallout with both the shimmer and the powder itself.

rem – Pale shimmery grey lilac. So creamy and well pigmented, blends well and has fairly good pigmentation without primer though it doesn’t blend well without. No fallout and one that seems quite powdery in the palette but applies really creamy.

Third Eye Blinded – shimmery warm pinky champagne. Very creamy and shimmery, the colour matches my skin tone fairly well so it’s doesn’t show up much besides a shimmer in the light but is very pigmented. I think this would work well as a pink based highlighter if you want a warmer look than with Solid Gold.


Disco Disco – Solid Gold luminizer – Pale gold shimmer. This is a really nice creamy formula, very creamy and can be blended out to be fairly subtle or built up for a more shimmery look. I think this would work better if you have pale skin, the base might show up a lot more if you had a darker skin tone.

Pop Pop – Don’t You Want Me? blush/shadow – Pink/coral matte. I’m not sure whether this would be a pinky coral or a coral tinted pink but it’s sort of in the middle so I think it would work well on most skin tones. This is just a rename of Frat Boy blush and if I get to the pan in this one I might be tempted to get that as I do like this formula. It can be applied as a shadow and is pretty pigmented but blends out well to become a very subtle blush.

The two cream products can be either lip or cheek tints and both of them are a nice, easily blended formula. They both apply easily and blend out to become a lot more subtle as long as you do it quickly, they do dry fairly fast so you have to apply it and buff it or blend it quickly or it will end up becoming hard to move around. They don’t have any real smell, they just smell of the plastic base without it being too strong.

Milly – Dusty rose, a fairly neutral colour. It’s pretty sheer unless you build it up so it’s a great blush colour for me, I just don’t get on that well with cream blushes. On the lips it’s very subtle, it just adds a bit of a tint to darken your lips and it looks a lot warmer because of the pigmentation of my lips.

Vanilly – Classic cool red. It’s very pigmented and smooth to apply. I think the colour suits me better as a lip product than on my cheeks as, even though it does blend out pretty well, it’s still a bit bright for my pale skin tone.

I love this palette, I was not disappointed after the long wait which I was a bit worried about as it had sort of built up in my mind. There are a couple that I wish were more pigmented, especially Presto and Lead Zeppelin. I do love Alice Copper and rem as they’re a bit different than most of the other colours I’ve got. The majority are fairly neutral and would work for anyone but there are a few that are a pop of colour to add to a neutral look.

I love the combination of mattes, metallic and shimmers in here as I like to combine the different finishes in one look. I do find that most of the times the mattes, like with any brand, aren’t as pigmented as the other kinds of finish but they work pretty well for blending out and with a primer under them. I think the formula for all of them is good for whatever the finish is as mattes are very rarely as good as the shimmers and metallics. The metallic eyeshadows are probably the creamiest I own and a few of the shimmers; rem, Alice Copper and Third Eye Blinded are so smooth and easy to use.

I know some people won’t like the fact that you just get a renamed product as the blush but I like that we get something that’s also available outside the palette so I could buy it to replace as it’s probably the one product that will get the most used as I find blushes go down faster, maybe that’s just me. I like the formula of the face products, the powder and creamy ones, and they all blend so well.

I can see this one getting very messy very quickly, the cream products and the more powdery eyeshadows have already made a bit of a mess around the edges. The white background probably doesn’t help but at least the powdery products are more inset than the creams which have been filled so they’re almost level with the card and so when you swirl it round as you have to to warm it up and get some product on the brush or finger you just end up with red and pink around them.

If you can’t tell by now I would definitely recommend it. Even without the theme and the product names it’s a great palette for travel as it has a lot of the products you need in one place. The colours include a nice range of tones though I think most of them are cooler or pretty in the middle neutral based rather than warm for the eyeshadows so if you know that warmer colours suit your skin tone more then you may find you use less of these. If you can find this for a good price then I definitely recommend at least having a look at it if you don’t already have any of these colours.

3 thoughts on “Review: theBalm Balm Jovi Face Palette

  1. I’ve just noticed The Balm cosmetics show up at my local rexal a drug store in Canada. I had never seen them before and was drawn to the images on the package. I didn’t pick anything up as I hadn’t noticed anyone reviewing these products in my area. I’m glad I stumbled upon your post I may have to take a closer look at these now. Have you tried anything else from this line? Any must haves I should look out for? Thanks for your review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’ve mainly tried the palettes, the two mini auto balm ones are good but the first balm voyage one isn’t so great. I’ve recently tried one of the eyeliners. I’ve got the nude coloured one, Brian, and it’s really nice. I was going to review it this week. I wish they had thebalm in stores near me, I can only find it online for the UK so I tend to stick with what I know.

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      1. The art is so beautiful its hard to resist going near the display! I’ll look and see if I can find some there. I didn’t swatch any products while I was there either. Next time I stop in I’ll spend more time at that counter. If you’d like I’ll let you know if I find a treasure!?


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