Recent Purchases: Marks and Spencer

Another recent purchases post so close to the last, I did say there would be a few. I haven’t finished Dracula yet which is the book I’m reading so I think that’ll be next week for the book review on Thursday, so much for my read a book a week challenge.


The main reason I made this Marks and Spencer order was to get the beauty advent calendar, which is unfortunately not available any more. I was awake at about 3am and I decided to check on it, the next time I looked at 1pm they were out of stock so they were very limited. I guess the fact it was £200 or £25 if you spent £25 on M&S beauty was too good a deal to pass for a lot of people. The other things I bought I was wanting for a while but I held off so I could get something I needed in the £25 rather than getting things just to make up the money. However I have managed to lose one already, I have no idea how, but I’ll put the photo from the M&S website on there instead of my photo and will definitely review it when I find it again.

A better view of just the Red Carpet Manicure products



As I said already I got the beauty advent calendar and it is so much bigger than I expected, it’s pretty deep, and the colours match my room so well and I think it’ll sit on the top of my bookshelf during December as it’ll look really nice up there. The boxes are all in the right order but I’m not going to mix them up as you have to remove them one at a time. I might change my mind nearer the time and then just put them back in when I’ve opened them but either way I love the designs on the front. I’ll do a proper post on this on the last day of November with the list of contents as well as I’m going to try and do a post on my advent calendars each day in December, probably on my iPad with the same format as last year, alongside normal posts.

genie lip paint
Photo taken from the Marks and Spencer website


The product I have managed to lose is the Barry M Genie Lip Paint. It costs £4.50 so it’s a pretty cheap lip product compared to other drug store products. The main reason I got this was curiosity, I just wanted to see how well it actually worked. It starts off green and then is meant to turn to a pink on your lips and it’ll depend on your skin chemistry as to what colour it will be. It really made me think of those old mood rings that were around in the nineties, everyone had them, and I just wanted to see what colour it would turn to. I opened it, swatched it on the back of my hand and then managed to lose it. I do love the packaging as well and was pretty impressed with the product itself, I will definitely be doing a proper review when I actually find it.


The rest of the products are from Red Carpet Manicure and for the gel manicure system they do. Earlier this year I tried to use the products outside, a very bad idea, and my Brilliance Top Coat (£13) was ruined and hasn’t really worked well since so I bought a direct replacement. I’ve never seen the Mattify Top Coat (£15) before and I’m a fan of ate effects with normal nail varnishes so thought I’d give this a go. I’ve even used a normal matte top coat on top of the gel top coat before and really liked the effect though it never lasted long as it didn’t stick that well to the gel underneath.


The two colours I went for are Sands of Time – 310 (£13) and Publicity Stunt – 307 (£13), I have no idea why they’re on two different pages, which are kind of replacing two of the nail varnishes I have from other companies because they just did not work with the travel Red Carpet Manicure light that I have. I think I might do a post about those older ones and how the other companies work (or don’t) as it’s something that I haven’t really seen much of on the internet and I know I’d have found it helpful before buying them to know how effective they were. These two colours are so nice, Sands of Time is a mid tone neutral that I think will suit any skin tone and Publicity Stunt is a plum that’s probably a cooler plum than warm but fairly mid way as well. I haven’t tried Publicity Stunt yet but I used Sands of Time on mum today and it’s a really nice finish. I think I’ll be doing the other tomorrow on my nails so I might do a review tomorrow night or Monday.

I did have one more thing in the order but as it’s a Christmas present I wouldn’t have posted about it anyway. The fact they sent this one order in three boxes was slightly odd but if it means I got these earlier then I’m happy as the last thing will easily fit in the letterbox. I do have my Boots order and some things from Paperchase to come but they’ll be posts for next week. I just got a bit excited about the advent calendar and wanted to post about it tonight. I haven’t even opened the seal yet, I am so tempted to get the boxes out and guess what each one is as there’s a list on the back of the products just not what days they’re in as they have their ingredients.


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