ME, Myself and I: Lead Up To Christmas

This feels a bit early to be posting about but I’ve found that I’m actually feeling quite organised this year and doing some present shopping already. Unfortunately I did leave my decoration buying a bit late as I missed out on two of the things I wanted from Paperchase but I might see if they have it in an actual store as sometimes things are in there longer than online if they don’t sell.

It’s a couple of weeks until December so sorry if you think it’s a bit early to be doing a post with Christmas stuff in it and it does feel a bit odd talking about it now but I have found over the years that being organised and getting everything done ahead of time helps a lot with ME. It’s probably something I do all through the year but as there’s so much stuff going on around Christmas anything I can do early means I have the energy for the family meet ups and all the fun family things we do around Christmas.

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