Review: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Palette


It’s been a while since I did a review of one of my palettes, I’ll try to do one a week at least as I have a few I want to write about. This week it’s about the Boudoir Eyes palette from Too Faced, it’s the only one of their palettes I have in the new version with the metal palette and I really like this design. Sorry about the lighting in the photos, apparently the weather at the moment in the UK doesn’t want me to get any natural light, but I have got the colours as true to life as possible on my screen.

The idea behind this palette is to have soft and sexy colours, they’re all pretty neutral and there’s a mix of mattes, shimmers or satins and one with proper glitter in it. As with all of these style palettes they have nine eyeshadows, three of them are 2g each and the other six are a smaller 0.9g each. I originally got this from Boots but apparently they don’t stock Too Faced any more, though it’s available on Debenhams for £23.20 in the sale and on their own site for £26.00.

toofacedboudoireyes3As always I’ve kept the cardboard sleeve that this palette came in, though it’s basically the same as the palette inside but with a less fancy background. It does keep the palette nice and clean but I think that this is one of those palettes that this wouldn’t be a problem as it’s metal packaging and could be wiped clean. I really like the magnetic closing that has been used, it’s still pretty strong even after having it a while and has a satisfying snap when it closes.

toofacedboudoireyes7The main problem I have with this palette is inside as there is no mirror which is just annoying. Instead there’s a sticker with the eye picture and Boudoir Eyes and in front of that a fold out piece of paper with three looks, one for each of the lines of eyeshadows. I quite like the way that it has two sided, the one with a photo and the other has the steps with instructions on how to get the look. I’ve never used them as I tend to use my own combinations but it would be helpful to give ideas especially if you’re just starting out with makeup.


The eyeshadows themselves are a bit of a mixed bag, I tend to find that Too Faced are one of those makes that when they’re shimmery colours the formula is nice and creamy but the mattes are really powdery and hard to use. I do like their names and the way that they actually print them on the plastic around the eyeshadows rather than using a clear sheet on top like some do.


In the Buff – Pale cream matte. I say matte but Too Faced mattes often seem to have this hint of miniscule shimmer that isn’t really obvious unless you look closely in the palette. This isn’t great, it takes a couple of layers on primer to become opaque but it does work well as a highlight under my brow. Blends out ok but fairly powdery and makes a bit of a mess of the palate when I use it.

Fuzzy Handcuffs – Matte peach. The hints of shimmer in this are more noticeable in this one. It does have pretty good pigmentation, one layer is fairly opaque and it does blend well but it’s fairly chalky and can leave powder around when you use it.

Voulez-Vous – Shimmery purpley taupe, at least I think it’s taupe. A really nice colour, very creamy and well pigmented and blends well with little or no fallout. Works fairly well without primer but does need it for staying power.

Satin Sheets – Light peachy coral shimmer or satin with a gold duochrome. Very creamy and easy to use, blends well though the colour is pretty sheer and gives more of a nice shimmery effect than adding much pigmentation. No fallout when I used this and it does stay put, would probably work well as a highlighter if you like this kind of colour for that and you have a similar skin tone to me as the base doesn’t really show.

Sugar Walls – Pale shimmery champagne with small silver glitter particles. Very pigmented and creamy and works really well as an all over lid colour. The glitter doesn’t fall when you use it so it blends well with others and doesn’t really need a primer to stay put.

Garter Belt – Light matte grey/brown, not sure what you’d call this colour, possibly taupe. The slight hints of shimmer aren’t very noticeable in this one on my skin but they are in the palette. Fairly well pigmented but does need a few layers to become opaque on primer. Doesn’t blend all that well as the outline of the original line stays on me. It’s fairly powdery and does make a bit of a mess on the palette when I use it.

Birthday Suit – Very pale champagne shimmer. Pretty well pigmented but matches my skin tone so not that noticeable and mainly gives a nice shimmer. Creamy and easy to blend, no problems with it moving or disappearing even without primer.

Lap Dance – Pale shimmery taupe. A very nice, slightly purple shade that’s very creamy and pigmented with or without a primer under it. Blends well with little or no fallout unless you get too much on the brush which seems to be a bit of a problem with this one for some reason, it seems to stick to it more than the others.

French Tickler – Dark brown matte base with gold sparkle. Fairly well pigmented base but does need a couple of layers to be properly opaque. Another powdery matte that doesn’t really blend well and I found that I got glitter everywhere with this one. A nice colour but one to use before you put on foundation.

Ideas pullout graphic side
Ideas pullout graphic side

Overall I do like this palette, though there are a few disappointments I think that the general look of the colours is nice. Some of them do seem a bit similar but as they do them in the rows with different looks they do work in their row and have a slightly different tone to them than the other rows. The shimmers are definitely good, I find them so easy to use and would recommend any Too Faced palette that has shimmery eyeshadows in all of the pans, the mattes do let it down but I think it depends on the ratio of mattes to the others as to whether it’s worth it. The mattes aren’t bad for mattes, they just aren’t up to the standard of the other eyeshadows in the palette which is probably the case with a lot of brands when you put their mattes next to a shimmer.

Ideas pullout photo side
Ideas pullout photo side

I think I would recommend this palette to someone who doesn’t have a neutral palette like it or someone who wanted to try Too Faced as the price is reasonable for a Too Faced product, a lot of them are in the £30 range when the palettes get bigger. For the nine Too Faced eyeshadows I think that it’s a good price. I have used all of them apart from Garter Belt and French Tickler a few times so I get use out of seven of the nine and the other two are decent enough if I wanted to use them.

The main reason I was going through my palettes was to get rid of those I don’t use or won’t use and I decided to keep this one. I think it was unfortunate timing that has meant this one didn’t get used as much as some others as I think it was around the time I bought a few of my Sleek palettes and I just got more into them. This is a great palette for travelling as it’s small and I would trust it to not fall open. I don’t think that the little leaflet is all that helpful and I’d definitely prefer a mirror in there over the sticker they put in but I have other products I’d take if I really needed a mirror so that wouldn’t stop me from taking it away with me.

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