October Favourites: Five Beauty Things and One That Isn’t


I’m a bit late with this post, I realised today that it’s the second week in November and I hadn’t done an October favourites post. Like most months it’s a bit of a mixed bag, though I think almost everything could come under the beauty tag this time which is probably a first, Yankee Candle things seem to be in beauty blogs a lot.

There’s also a couple of TV shows I’ve been watching a lot so I’ll mention them here. The first is FortySomething, it’s pretty old (2003) and I have seen it a few times before but it’s a comedy with Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi in, it also has a young Benedict Cumberbatch in which is why I first heard of it as I didn’t see it when it was first on. I’ve seen it so many times I’ve been using it as my thing to fall asleep to and I was surprised to find it’s available on DVD so I might be buying that some time.

The other is Boys Over Flowers, a Korean drama which I love and have seen almost all of it in the past week despite the episodes being an hour long and there being 25 (I think). I don’t know why I like it so much, there’s the stereotypical poor girl goes to an expensive school and the three mean girls and just generally almost all of the cliché boxes get ticked (mean rich mum, girl working multiple jobs, boys fighting over the girl, sad back stories) and often they make me stop watching things but this one is just so good. I haven’t watched any Korean dramas since about six years ago when I tried a couple and they may not have been the best choices because they really put me off trying others then I decided to give this one a go and I’m glad I did. I may also have bought the soundtrack and been listening to that too.


Now the things in the photograph. I know I have done a bit in the last monthly favourites but I do love the Witches’ Brew Tea Lights from Yankee Candle as well rather than just the big jar. I don’t know what it is about the smell as I often find the more incense based scents don’t do it for me but this one has a hint of maybe sweetness that just makes it work. These are available in a lot of places around Halloween but unfortunately they’ve not got them in stock any more. I normally don’t go for tea lights as I didn’t expect them to have the throw of the bigger candles but these do smell nice and strong. I think in the future I might get some of the other scents in tea lights as they’re cheaper and an easy way to try smells before getting a jar.

I have also mentioned some One Hand Washes the Other perfumes in the past but I can’t remember if this was one. I’ve had it a while and it’s the Berry Amber perfume oil. This is another scent that isn’t in the collection though I think it’s come back since I bought it so it might be a winter thing, I don’t know. It’s a really nice sweet berry scent, a bit like overripe blackberries, with a hint of amber to it that makes it less sickly. There’s a good range of scents on the etsy store, most of the oil perfume sin this size container I think are around £7-£8. I do have quite a few, I’ve been thinking of doing a post on them or a general perfume collection post but not sure if anyone would be interested. Is that something you’d like to see in the future?


I did a post when I first bought the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Face mask as I bought a few in the offer they had at the time. This one I wasn’t sure about as it seemed a bit rich for my skin but I have found that in October when my skin started to dry out more because of the weather and central heating it has helped a lot to reduce the dry patches I often get. It’s a bit of an odd one as you leave it on and don’t wash of the residue left at the end, you just rub it in like a moisturiser, and it looks like one when you put it on. This costs £2.59 and is in an offer of 2 for £3.50 at the moment.

Do you ever get something free in a magazine, put it away somewhere because you have a few other similar products and not open it for ages? That’s what happened to me and this Neal’s Yard Remedies Lip Gloss in Goji Berry. I got it in a magazine and thought it was a nice colour at the time but I had enough lip glosses to last ages so didn’t open it, then in a sort out I found it and decided to try it to decide if I’d keep it or not and I love it. At £9.50 on their own site it’s more than I’d normally spend on a lip gloss but I have to say I might be tempted when this goes and I’d try a few other colours. This is more of a tint than a proper full on colour as it just adds a bit of a darker tint to my lips. It smells amazing, like orange, and it’s really moisturising.


This tub of Sugar Crush Body Buttercream from Soap and Glory is something I’ve had kept to one side to use for travelling since I got it, I have a feeling it may be last Christmas. I have used bits at times when I went away but not much had gone so I’ve been sorting through my travel size things and thought I’d give it a proper go as I love the scent, it’s a really fresh lime, and their body butters are so good for my skin. They sink in really quickly and a lot of them have a scent that lingers, though I know that the normal Soap and Glory scent can be a bit overpowering to some people, this is definitely very different to their more floral or sweeter smells. This is available in a few of the Christmas sets on Boots but it’s also available as a full size product for £10 in their normal larger 300ml tubs.

This last thing may be a bit odd to include in a favourites but I do love this Wendy Bird Deodorant from Fortune Cookie Soap. I’ve been using antiperspirants for years and thought I’d try this when I got it in the Soap Box with the Peter Pan theme. I did use it a bit in the summer but found that I was sweating too much but this month I tried it properly with no antiperspirant in between and I love it. I don’t sweat all that much and it does need to be reapplied at least once in the day and then I do again before I go to bed at night but it does cover any smell and does not irritate under my arms which is a problem I’ve had with a lot of the creamier deodorants. This is a veggie protein based product and is a bit of an odd texture, it looks a bit like a jelly but harder, though it does go on very easily. This particular scent isn’t available any more which is a pity as I love the apple scent but they do have others in the limited edition collection scents and I think there are a couple of permanents on the page as well. They are $12.99 which is expensive compared to the antiperspirants I’ve used and some of the deodorants but I think it’s worth it as this has lasted well.

Another odd collection but I do like all of these products and used them a lot in the month. I’m not sure what I’ll be putting in next month’s as I’ve been ill and not really been doing much at all but I’ll probably find things I use a lot. I’ve been looking on different websites as I think I need a change for my Christmas decorations this year, I’ve had the same ones for seven or eight years and they have so many nice things in Paperchase I think I’ll be making a bit of an order there if I don’t go in soon, I have a habit of getting in too late and all the good things have gone by the time I decorate.

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