I’ve been using Steamcream for years and have so many of these tins around but I realised I’ve never reviewed it on my blog. It’s one of those products that’s great for my sensitive skin so I thought it might be good to share even though it’s become more expensive over the past few years. I do love the tins and kind of collect them, they’re great to keep things in for travel like jewellery or other creams as I’ve never had them leak. Some of the designs seem to be permanent, or at least around for a long time, when others sell out quickly.

Steamcream is a cream that uses steam to infuse the ingredients into the base (as far as I understand anyway) and most of the ingredients are known for calming your skin. It is available in a few places, my local big Tesco has started stocking them, though their own website often has offers when you buy more than one and it costs £13.95 to get one. I have also found them on the ASOS website and I’ve bought a few from Wowcher when they have offers on two tin sets.


This particular tin is rather old, its best before date was in 2014, though it still works just as well even if it’s not recommended for use now. The only real difference I can tell between this now and fresh ones is the consistency, it’s become a lot runnier than it was. I recently finished a new tin of it and found this in a drawer so thought I’d use it rather than buying a new one. Steamcream is (or was, I can’t find information on whether it still is) a sister company to Lush, so it has a similar ethos in no animal testing and this product is vegan friendly.

The scent of these creams isn’t the best, if you’ve ever smelled Dream Cream by lush this is pretty similar, though I do get more of a hint of lavender in this than I do in that. Of the ingredients on the back I recognise lavender, rose, chamomile and oatmeal as ingredients that are known for skin calming properties. I don’t see any in particular that I know of as irritants, though I hope you can read them on the photo as you can be allergic to anything even if it’s known for being calming.steamcream2

I would say that its calming properties are similar to Dream Cream too, it’s like a lighter version of Dream cream that you can use on your face if you want. I tend to find it a bit rich to use regularly on my face but at times when I need something more moisturising then I’ll use it, especially in the winter with the central heating that dries my skin. It’s a good cream to have when my skin reacts to things as well, though I would not recommend using it after epilating or waxing. I often use Dream Cream then to soothe my legs the next morning so thought I’d give this a go like that, it stung so much I had to wash it off.

One thing about it is that it does sometimes seem to leave more of a film on your skin, I’m not sure if it’s certain batches, but I do find that it sinks in very fast but can leave you skin a bit shiny for a while, maybe fifteen minutes to half an hour. I haven’t had a problem with is rubbing off on anything in that time but it does make you look a bit shiny until it either sinks in or I’ve wiped my skin if I’m in a hurry to go out.

As I said at the beginning I have used this for years and love it. It has become more expensive, I think it was £10 when I first bought them, but I always keep an eye out for offers as sometimes they can be really cheap. I know last year Tesco had an offer with a Christmas set in January sales that was less than £10 for the two so it might be worth looking on there around then if you want to give it a go. As it’s starting to become available in more physical stores rather than having to buy it blind I would say it’s worth a look if you like Dream Cream.

If you have sensitive skin I think this is a product that you might want to try, maybe get a mini one if you can’t see a tester somewhere, as it really has helped my skin. I know that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone so it’s probably best to look out for sales or a tester as it is expensive to buy and then find out you don’t get on with it. I will keep an eye out for deals and if I see one I’ll try and remember to post it on here. I think everyone I know who’s tried it has liked how it felt on their skin so I hope you do too if you try it. I think the thing for a lot of people that puts them off is the smell, it is a bit stronger on the lavender side than I would like but the scent really doesn’t last long.

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