I’ve been using Steamcream for years and have so many of these tins around but I realised I’ve never reviewed it on my blog. It’s one of those products that’s great for my sensitive skin so I thought it might be good to share even though it’s become more expensive over the past few years. I do love the tins and kind of collect them, they’re great to keep things in for travel like jewellery or other creams as I’ve never had them leak. Some of the designs seem to be permanent, or at least around for a long time, when others sell out quickly.

Steamcream is a cream that uses steam to infuse the ingredients into the base (as far as I understand anyway) and most of the ingredients are known for calming your skin. It is available in a few places, my local big Tesco has started stocking them, though their own website often has offers when you buy more than one and it costs £13.95 to get one. I have also found them on the ASOS website and I’ve bought a few from Wowcher when they have offers on two tin sets.

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