Old vs New: Comforter Shower Gel vs The Comforter Shower Cream from Lush


Another old vs new from Lush, though the old version has never been a permanent product. Throughout the years that I’ve been buying Lush, and before, they have done various shower gels with the scent of the Comforter bubble bar. This particular bottle I’m using as a comparison was from a recent Kitchen batch but when I bought it I compared it to an old bottle I had and it smelled pretty much the same so I’d say it’s a pretty good representation of any of their forum special shower gels with this scent.

I can’t remember the exact price of the shower gel, I think it was £10.95 as that’s a pretty standard price for the Lush Kitchen shower gels in the 250g bottles. The shower cream version is a permanent product and available in four different sizes; 100g (£4.95), 250g (£9.75), 500g (£16.50) and a big 1kg bottle (£27.95) so the bigger the bottle the better value you get. I’ve had some of the bigger bottle break in the past so be careful if you get one of them. Both of these versions are suitable for vegans and cruelty free as well which is always good. This can be found in their stores, I think it’s in all of them but not sure outside the UK, and online here.


The scent of both of these is supposed to be the same, at least it’s based on the smell of the comforter bubble bar, which is also available over Christmas in the Reindeer Rock soap (though that is a little more tart than the bubble bar). If you’ve never smelled it before it’s a really nice blackcurrant scent, it’s fairly sweet and the bubble bar version is quite creamy. I’ve seen it described as a hug in bubble bath form and I’d probably agree as it’s just a smell that makes me relax. It’s not overly sweet but does remind me a bit of the taste of purple skittles.

The original shower gel was available in a few different forum parties and I think there were probably some variations between them but the two I had smelled the same as this current bottle so if you’ve had a bottle from any of the previous versions the comparison might be useful. The shower gels are all a clear bright purple that looks almost neon pink on anything white. It’s a nice rich colour and it’s fairly thick, probably medium consistency, it does take a bit of squeazing out of the bottle but it’s not as thick as some of their others like happy hippy. The smell is slightly more tart than the bubble bar in the bottle but it does smell sweeter when you use it. It’s got a nice amount of lather, especially when using a shower puff, but it’s not the softest and if you try it as bubble bath the bubbles last ages but it’s not one that feels particularly moisturising. It didn’t make my skin any dryer when I used it but it didn’t moisturise it at all. The scent lingers well with this, after a couple of hours I can still smell a hint when I smell my arm. This version does work well as a shampoo, though it does feel like it might be slightly more drying than a lot of shampoos.

L-R: The Comforter Shower Cream, Comforter Shower Gel
L-R: The Comforter Shower Cream, Comforter Shower Gel

In contrast the shower cream version is opaque and a bluey pink colour that’s a bit lighter than the gel, it’s got some shimmer in it which I quite like as it’s not the kind that sticks to you and makes you all sparkly. When I first got it it was very thick, definitely a shower cream, but after it’s been opened and used for the first time it’s become the consistency of water. It just runs down my arm when I try to use it but it does work ok with a shower puff, I’d suggest you use it like that as otherwise you’ll lose a lot down the drain. Scent wise this one is a lot creamier and less strong than the gel, I’d say it’s even creamier smelling than the bubble bar and it’s definitely sweeter to me than either of those, it doesn’t smell as blackcurranty either though it’s still got the smell that’s identifiable as the comforter. As a bubble bath the bubbles aren’t as big as with the shower gel, it quickly turns into a layer of very small bubbles on the surface but it does make the water feel soft and didn’t dry my skin out afterwards. I didn’t find the scent lingered at all with this one, within half an hour I couldn’t even smell a hint on my arm. This shower cream version doesn’t work as well for a shampoo, it’s a bit too moisturising for my hair but if you have dry hair then it might work for this too.

The ingredients for the two are so different I just took a photo of each of the ingredient lists. The shower cream has blackberry and vanilla high up in the ingredients so I guess they’re a lot stronger than in the gel and they’re what make it seem sweeter.

The Comforter Shower Cream ingredients
The Comforter Shower Cream ingredients
Comforter Shower Gel ingredients
Comforter Shower Gel ingredients

Overall I would say that, unfortunately, I prefer the shower gel version. I do like that Lush has finally brought out a version of the comforter than can be used in the shower and to actually wash with in the permanent range but it’s just not as good as the older shower gels. I’ll still use it and probably repurchase but if you’re expecting that same strong, tart, blackcurrant scent then you may be slightly disappointed. It’s still obviously the comforter but it doesn’t linger as long after use and it’s definitely sweeter, it makes me think of when I used to sometimes use a bit of Snow Fairy with the Comforter bubble bar, it’s got that extra sweetness. The consistency also lets it down a bit, it seems to be a problem with all of the new shower creams as it’s happened with this, the Yuzu and Cocoa one I had and the lord of Misrule one which is a bit annoying as shower gel type products are ones I often pick as they’re so versatile.

If you like the Comforter then this would be worth a go as it is a nice product, it’s just not as good as I was hoping for. If you like blackcurrant then this is definitely worth a look if you’re in a store where you can smell it. It’s a bit expensive for a shower gel compared to other brands though it’s not as much as some of their others. I’m not sure if I would recommend this as a gift for someone due to the consistency changing, but to be able to wash in the Comforter I will still be buying more when this runs out. I’ll just make sure that I use the shower cream and keep the shower gel one for special occasions so it’ll still be rationed like it has been in the past but I’ll still be able to have a shower with it in between.

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