ME, Myself and I: My Hospital Adventure

As I said last week I haven’t really been blogging since last Monday and so I thought I would post a bit about my fun trip to the hospital. Not that I think my hospital trip was anything to do with my ME in that it caused it but I did find that being in the hospital for the one night has had a knock on effect to my health ME wise which I didn’t really expect for some reason. My brain is still a bit fuzzy so I hope this post all makes sense, I’ve probably forgotten something but I might make a part 2 if I think of anything next week.

I don’t think this one needs any warnings, there is the obvious mention of hospitals in general so if you don’t like that then probably don’t read on. Other than that maybe needles but only the first bit is about the hospital, the rest is things I realised were useful in there and effects on my health afterwards.

I guess I should start with why I was in hospital, on Monday night I felt so ill and sick and then ended up with really bad pain in my abdomen so I ended up booking an emergency doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning. This then led to being referred to the surgical unit in the local hospital, being told I should go to A & E straight away was pretty scary though in the end I didn’t have any surgery, just a lot of sitting around with a drip and various medication going into me waiting for tests. I ended up going to two different wards but both were nice enough, the one I slept in I had my own room because it was sort of the last place you go before you get discharged after treatment so you don’t need the same level of observation as in other wards. The food was surprisingly good and had a good key if you have certain diet things you can’t have, though I did miss out on the chocolate cake as I was discharged before the evening meal on Tuesday.

One thing I realised is how useful wheelchairs would actually be sometimes, it’s not something that I’ve ever considered using when we go anywhere as I can physically walk for a bit but on longer days out if it meant I could stay for longer and I wouldn’t get the dizzy I’m going to pass out feeling or the knock on effects of doing too much then it’s something I’d consider. I’ve never had someone push me round and it was such a weird feeling to start with, it’s not something I think I’d enjoy as that feeling of not being in control was kind of weird but I was too exhausted to really walk for the ten or fifteen minutes to the different areas for the tests.

I had my iPad with me, not something that they’d recommend as they make you sign something to say anything valuable is your responsibility (at least I had to and experiences of other people I know say the same). I would say having something that you can listen to or do for all the time spent waiting around or on your own is definitely something you need. I also made sure I kept my bag with me at all times with my iPad in it. I’m probably paranoid about these things but I’d rather keep anything valuable with me. I only really listened to audiobooks from my iPad so next time I’d make sure my mp3 player was charged.

That’s another thing, make sure you have a charger for your phone, if they let you charge it. Or have a spare old one turned off so you have one if you want to be able to contact people. I did find that being able to call my parents or text to keep them updated on what was happening helped a lot.

I did take some extra food things in with me, mainly because I was expecting to be in A & E for a while, but I did find them useful if I needed something to eat in the night. I do tend to need food every so often or my blood sugar gets low so I had a packet of crisps and chocolate bar in my bag and ended up having them at midnight with a salad they had as I couldn’t eat anything after midnight. They did have a shop with food things in it open in the day but still good to have a backup for in the night.

I think the main thing that had the knock on effect after coming out of the hospital was how little sleep I managed to get both the day before I went in and the night I was there, I realised I got about 6 or 7 hours between the two. It’s taken until today for my sleep schedule to get even close to normal rather than sleeping for 14 hours. I have managed to get over the virus thing I had so that’s helping but I’ve got to wait for my doctor’s appointment next week to see the results for my blood tests from the Monday.

One thing that I have found is that, as I always bruise so easily from blood tests, the place with the cannula has a huge bruise and my right hand is still hurting. If you ever have a similar problem I’ve found that arnica really helps. It is definitely going into my first aid box, I checked with my doctor before using it and he said it’s fine and helps your body absorb the blood and helps to get rid of the bruise quicker and get rid of that itchy feeling you get when it’s healing at the end. I have ended up getting like two phases of bruising but after a week it’s disappearing and normally it takes a few weeks to get to this point.

I’m not sure how much, if any, of this is going to be useful for anyone but I thought I’d post it anyway. I’ve mainly spent the last week in bed watching DVDs and YouTube videos but will be trying to do more again. I’ve just realised how close it’s getting to December. We’ve got bonfire night tomorrow (though we’re probably doing the fire on Friday as it’s meant to rain tomorrow) and but it’s less than a month till December!

I’m still planning on getting the M&S advent calendar but it’s not on their site today after being up for £200 last night for a bit so I’m emailing to see what’s happening with that as it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. I might do a post on that if I get a reply in case anyone’s thinking of getting it as all I can find is ‘some time in November’ for a release date. This week will be a bit off with the posting as I didn’t actually get much reading done so no book review tomorrow, everything should be back to normal next week.

Hope you’re all good, anyone else getting excited for Christmas? Or enjoying the autumn, the leaves are finally changing colour. Though the fog recently made it kind of spooky I’m still enjoying the weather now more than in the summer, I just like the rain for some reason.

5 thoughts on “ME, Myself and I: My Hospital Adventure

    1. I was recently diagnosed with POTS, I’m still trying ways to help with it though I find that standing still is worse for me over moving round. It’s definitely opened my eyes to trying wheelchairs if they’re available in places.


      1. Chronically invisible says:

        Standing here is worse for me too. I haven’t found much that helped except staying hydrated. I found some gluten and sugar free electrolytes that tastes decent. It helps a bit but nothing major. I haven’t tried any of the medications yet though. I have heard they help some people.


      2. I have been put o an unrestricted salt diet and hoping that works. They’ve said I shouldn’t have the medication to increase my blood pressure as mine sometimes jumps up but they seem like they get some good results for others. I ended up trying compression socks in hospital so might give them a go, not sure how successful they’ll be but they’re an easy thing to try.


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