Shop BXB Launch Sale

Hey guys, I’m back! Though this isn’t a normal post for me I thought I’d share the site as, although I only found out about it because they contacted me, it seems like there are some good offers on there. I’m hopefully back to my blogging schedule, though this would normally be a non-beauty day I got this email before ShopBXB opened, I just haven’t been up to doing much and didn’t read the email until last night so this is a bit last minute for their sale. 


I have been contacted by a few companies but haven’t really felt that I wanted to share any of them but this seems like a really good store. I sort of thought as I’m planning on doing an order with them then it’s worth sharing so other people can see the offers too rather than just making the order and reviewing the products after the sale is over. I have never heard of them before but I’ve had a bit of a nose around on their website and they seem to have some good offers and some of the palettes I’ve wanted are on there at quite a bit less than the only other places in the UK I know are legitimate versions. The store website is here.

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ME, Myself and I: My Hospital Adventure

As I said last week I haven’t really been blogging since last Monday and so I thought I would post a bit about my fun trip to the hospital. Not that I think my hospital trip was anything to do with my ME in that it caused it but I did find that being in the hospital for the one night has had a knock on effect to my health ME wise which I didn’t really expect for some reason. My brain is still a bit fuzzy so I hope this post all makes sense, I’ve probably forgotten something but I might make a part 2 if I think of anything next week.

I don’t think this one needs any warnings, there is the obvious mention of hospitals in general so if you don’t like that then probably don’t read on. Other than that maybe needles but only the first bit is about the hospital, the rest is things I realised were useful in there and effects on my health afterwards.

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