Review: Too Faced Matte Eye Palette


Another palette review today, the first Too Faced palette I bought was the Matte Eye Palette and I got it back when they were sold in Boots with my points. It’s still available on their own site for £26 (£13 in the 50% sale) which I think is less than I paid for it back then. I think it’s one of the few that’s still being sold in the old packaging, using the card rather than the tins that they’ve started using on more recent palettes.

Like all of these smaller Too Faced palettes it has nine eyeshadows, three larger ones with 2g of product that are good for an all over base and six 0.9g eyeshadows that can give you a range of looks. It’s arranged into three different rows with colours that work together for a day, classic or fashion look and there are cards in the lid that have instructions for each of them. As the name suggests these are all matte which is a nice idea but I’m not sure how well these pure matte palettes work for pigmentation and a range of looks.

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Review: Sleek iLust Palette in The Gold Standard


I recently made an order from Boots for some presents and had quite a few Boots points built up. I decided to get this palette as I haven’t seen the Sleek iLust palettes before, I think it’s a new line and so far this is the only one I’ve seen. It has a mix of cream and powder eyeshadows and has less than the normal iDivine palettes. The six eyeshadows are all shimmer, with two of them being creams and the other four powders.

This palette costs £7.49 in Boots and on their own site and has six eyeshadows rather than the normal 12, I think the weights of each eyeshadow are similar as iDivines have 12 x 1.1g eyeshadows and this one says the weight is 6g which would make it 1g each. I can’t find an official weight for each one though so this could be wrong.

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Book Review – Dracula by Bram Stoker

dracula1Title: Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker

Year written: 1897

Publisher and year: Penguin Classics, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-0-141-19688-6

Another classic that’s been on my to read list for a while and I did start it around Halloween as another kind of spooky book, it’s just taken me a while to read it. This is another in the Penguin Clothbound Classics collection as I just love the covers on these. There’s so many editions of this so the actual story part of the review will be the same for all but some bits are reviews on this edition.

This edition has an RRP of £14.99 and it’s on sale in Waterstones with a small discount at £11.99. I bought this copy on Amazon and it cost less than half of the RRP here. I’d say if you want this exact edition then look around for the best price, though other versions will have varying prices and there’s probably copies available in second hand stores for a lot less.

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ME, Myself and I:Sorting and Tidying

I feel like I need to get better at thinking of titles for this part of the blog. I know I said I was going to do this a while ago but I finally got round to sorting out my room, at least sorting through all my OU things and getting the three or four boxes of course work and books down to one so now my room looks even messier than it did before. I didn’t realise how much of the work I did and the books I had won’t actually be much use now especially as, having done three levels in the same two subjects, so much of it was repeated in each different level.

It’s sort of started a chain reaction and now I want to sort through everything in my room and get rid of all those extra things that you keep ‘just in case’. I think I must have a few drawers and boxes full of things like that. I still keep sentimental things but all of those extras that will never be used and don’t actually mean anything to me like the prizes you get in crackers are going to go.

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Recent Purchases: Paperchase Christmas Things


I ended up making two separate purchases from Paperchase, one from their website and another from their store on Amazon. My original purchase was the store but they didn’t have the pink Santa that I really wanted and then I found it on Amazon so bought a couple of extra bits to make the postage worth it, though one isn’t really Christmassy. The things I bought from their website I also got 10% off with my UniDays voucher for being a student so if you’re a student in the UK it’s worth signing up for that as it’s free.

For years I’ve had the same decorations, most of them being from Paperchase as they do really nice mini ones that fit on my 2 foot tall tree. I just felt like I needed a change as I’ve had the same ones for years and although I’m still keeping them and I’ll use some there was a limited amount of different ways of using them. And then I saw the neon collection in Paperchase and I just had to have some from them. As I’m writing this the ones I have included a link in are in stock but the Christmas decorations bit in Paperchase seems to be decreasing each time I go on there so if you like the look of them I’d get them quickly.

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Review: theBalm Mr Write Eyeliner in Brian


Here’s another product from theBalm, this time one of their eyeliners. I bought it a while ago from Superdrug and it costs £13.49. It’s available in multiple colours but I chose Brian as it’s a nice nude colour and I’ve always wanted one to use in my waterline after hearing that they’re better than white for a more natural look. There are seven colours which isn’t a great range for eyeliners but they seem to cover most of the more common ones.

I’m not great with eyeliner, as I’ve said before, so I haven’t used it all that much but I’ve had a play around with it recently and given it a test on my hand against water just to see how it lasted. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but says it has a built in sharpener, which has confused me a bit as it’s one of those twist one, maybe that’s what they’re meaning but it just seems a bit awkward to say built in sharpener and retractable tip for a twist one.

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Review: theBalm Balm Jovi Face Palette


I got this recently from ShopBXB and I was so excited about it that it jumped the queue of palettes I’ve got to review and I had a play around with it today. I hope the photos are ok, I did a big batch of photos for posts because we had half decent light outside today and that hasn’t really happened for the past month with the British autumn.

The Balm Jovi palette by theBalm has been out for a while and I have wanted it since I saw a review on YouTube but it was always either not available in the UK or out of stock and I’ve only seen it in stock recently and then it was £37 I think. This was £25 in the sale (now £28 here) so I had to get it. It’s a face palette and it has twelve eyshadows/liners in a mix of mattes, shimmers, metallics and one I would consider a glitter. It also has a highlighter, blush and two cream products that can be lip or cheek tints. The ingredients for the eyeshadows are the same as for the highlighter and blush so I think they could be used for eyeshadows if you like the colours for that.

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Recent Purchases: Marks and Spencer

Another recent purchases post so close to the last, I did say there would be a few. I haven’t finished Dracula yet which is the book I’m reading so I think that’ll be next week for the book review on Thursday, so much for my read a book a week challenge.


The main reason I made this Marks and Spencer order was to get the beauty advent calendar, which is unfortunately not available any more. I was awake at about 3am and I decided to check on it, the next time I looked at 1pm they were out of stock so they were very limited. I guess the fact it was £200 or £25 if you spent £25 on M&S beauty was too good a deal to pass for a lot of people. The other things I bought I was wanting for a while but I held off so I could get something I needed in the £25 rather than getting things just to make up the money. However I have managed to lose one already, I have no idea how, but I’ll put the photo from the M&S website on there instead of my photo and will definitely review it when I find it again.

A better view of just the Red Carpet Manicure products


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ME, Myself and I: Lead Up To Christmas

This feels a bit early to be posting about but I’ve found that I’m actually feeling quite organised this year and doing some present shopping already. Unfortunately I did leave my decoration buying a bit late as I missed out on two of the things I wanted from Paperchase but I might see if they have it in an actual store as sometimes things are in there longer than online if they don’t sell.

It’s a couple of weeks until December so sorry if you think it’s a bit early to be doing a post with Christmas stuff in it and it does feel a bit odd talking about it now but I have found over the years that being organised and getting everything done ahead of time helps a lot with ME. It’s probably something I do all through the year but as there’s so much stuff going on around Christmas anything I can do early means I have the energy for the family meet ups and all the fun family things we do around Christmas.

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Recent Purchases: ShopBXB


I recently made an order from the new store ShopBXB when they had their opening sale though I only got two things. As the order was on the 5th November and it arrived today I was happy with the time it took to get here, I didn’t realise it was coming from Fiji and it was well packaged so the products were fine even with the box looking slightly battered.

Also, sorry if this post looks a bit off, the post creator has changed and I don’t know how to make the photos the size I normally do them so I’ll have to play around a bit to get it to look like my other posts.

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