The regular scheduled blogging will resume shortly

This picture has nothing to do with the post but I liked it and played around on my iPad apps a bit when I was in hospital so have an amazing day. It’s the sticker on the back of a parcel from Sugar and Vice that arrived in the post yesterday morning. Unfortunately the iPad app won’t save it as being centred (to me anyway) so sorry it’s a bit wonky!

The past few days I haven’t posted what I meant to as I was ill, I ended up spending the night in hospital last night but as they couldn’t find anything that was actually causing the problems and the pain seemed to fade without them doing anything to me today they decided to discharge me. Basically I haven’t had the energy or time to post a proper post or review and I’m not sure if I will for the rest of the week. I might do a short one on the Sugar and Vice necklaces on my iPad like this one because one is Halloweeny so it would be a bit late for me to post about it after that but the others I had planned this week will be moved to next week, or I’ll do a bit more reshuffling.

Anyway, this post was just sort of explaining why I might not be posting much coming up, depends how long it takes for me to recover as they said I definitely have a virus so it’s rest and drink lots of fluids at the moment. It’s so frustrating, just when I was planning on working on doing more physically I have to rest for a while and I’ve started blogging everyday but I’ll probably have to take a break from this which will just feel weird, even if it’s only for a week, especially as I’ve had Halloween themed posts planned for the past month for this week. 

See you soon, hopefully!