Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

frankenstein4Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Year written: 1818

Publisher and year: Penguin Classics, 2013

ISBN Number: 978-0-141-39339-1

It might be a bit of an odd one to review as it’s not a recent book, not that any of the ones I’ve read have really been new, but I hadn’t read it so I thought I would. This is one of those books that I have wanted to read for ages and I’ve been told multiple times it’s one of those ones that everyone should read in their life so when I saw this version in the sale at the beginning of this year I bought it. I have a bit of a weakness for pretty books and I needed to replace my copy of Jungle Book which had been destroyed by water so I got one of those in this collection too. These Penguin Clothbound Classics are so gorgeous I think I’ll be collecting them.

As there are so many editions of this book that have been published throughout the years and in different languages part of this book will be about the story and part of the review is also going to be about this exact edition as it has so many extras to the normal versions I’ve seen in stores.

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