ME, Myself and I: Furry Therapy

I’m not talking about an official group or trained animals, it’s about pets and companions more than anything. I don’t know how many places or groups call it furry therapy but that’s what it was always called in AYME so I’ve sort of gone with it again here. I doesn’t have to be furry, it can be scaly, feathery, spiky or slippery (I’m not sure what could be slippery apart from frogs) and anything else you want to call it. I’ve known a lot of people with ME over the years and a lot of people have found that animals can be very beneficial, they’re someone that’s always there and happy to see you, or most of them are. I guess the most popular is dogs from the people I have known but any animal can be a great listener.

This is one of those posts that I meant to do ages ago, it was one of those in my list of posts when I first started this section on the blog but it just never happened. I was also inspired by having to spend over an hour trying to get our dog to let us remove a tic from his ear, which was rather exhausting but he finally let us and got his treat. You’d think being eleven years old he’d be quiet and calm but he still thinks he’s a puppy. I was planning on including photos in this post but it seems like it’s even harder to get him to sit still for a photo.

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