Review: Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers


Not long ago I did a recent purchases from Boots and it had a Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer from Soap and Glory in it, I thought this was the only one of them that I had but it turned out that in last year’s Christmas gift set they had on offer another of these was included though I hadn’t used it so I thought I’d include both as that’s another permanent colour as well. The new one I bought was in Muse Bouche, the older one from the gift set is Charm Offensive.

These are essentially very pigmented lip glosses, and though they have the Sexy Mother Pucker branding on them they do not make your lips tingle or plump them like the original or lip glosses with the same name. These come in various colours though they tend to be neutrals to reds rather than any vibrant pinks as far as I can tell. They cost £7 at Boots and are often in the three for two offers so it’s probably best to get them then if you want to give them a go. There’s 7ml of product in these which is less than the larger original glosses but the price is also lower and they’re a good handbag size so I don’t have a problem with it.

The packaging for these is pretty much the same as the original glosses apart from the size. There’s the doe foot applicator which does make it easy to be precise with the product though it also means you get quite a bit out which can make it a bit messy especially with the more pigmented colours. I think I’d probably use a lip brush if I were to use these more often, though I don’t actually have ne so it would mean buying one just for these.


The product itself is really nice, though it is definitely just a very pigmented gloss rather than anything more long lasting. Both of the colours had good pigment and the formula was nice and smooth to apply even though it did go on very thick. I think it’s probably the same consistency as their other Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses in the similar packaging, though it does leave a more sticky feeling on the lips. If you don’t like the feeling of glosses then I’d stay away from this as it’s even a bit sticky for me and I don’t have a problem with them. This stickiness lasts about as long as the product does, it does not feel like it dries at all which means the shine finish stays but it leaves marks on glasses and food as long as that feeling is there


Charm Offensive is, I think, the most neutral of the colours available, it’s a very pigmented and slightly orange nude colour. In the packaging it looks like it may have a bit of shimmer to it but it’s not at all obvious on the lips, maybe that adds to the shine but it’s definitely not sparkly.sexymotherpucker1 I was surprised at how different it seemed in the packaging than on the lips, it looks a more muted dusty rose to me in the tube but turns a more neutral coral on my lips, though my lips don’t seem to be that pigmented so it may be that. It goes on really well, no problem with it being patchy, and it lasted pretty well through food and drink, though it did leave a bit of a mess on the glasses or fork to start with as it’s so thick even when you’re careful and blot it afterwards. It did seem to fade after an hour even without any food or drink but then it’s fairly neutral anyway so it wasn’t a drastic change.


Muse Bouche is a bright red, it probably leans towards the cooler side of red with a more blue or purple undertone than orange but it’s just a fairly true classic red. This also has the appearance of a shimmer in the tube but not on the lips, maybe it’s meant to make the lips look fuller to go with the rest of the range. sexymotherpucker3This one was a real mess when it came to application, it seemed to stick to the applicator more than the other which was a bit odd and didn’t help. Though after I had cleaned it up with a makeup remover wipe I found that I really liked the colour. I don’t wear reds all that often and, going by the online picture, I originally expected this to be a more pink colour but I really like it. It did leave a mess on anything I ate or drank for a while but even when the stickiness and gloss had gone there was some pigmentation left, though it just gave my lips a dark pink look. Even then when I wiped my fingers on my lips there was still product there so I’d say this one stuck pretty well even after eating and drinking which surprised me for what is basically a very pigmented gloss.

Overall I do like these, they’re a nice pigmented gloss that has a nice shiny finish though they are not the product I would choose if I was planning on going anywhere to eat or drink a lot, over an hour after applying Charm Offensive and my tea mug is getting marks when I drink it. I think they’re a nice product if you’re not that confident with lipsticks but want a bold look as you can remove a lot of the product to make it sheerer and it’s easier to move it around on your lips and not at all drying. These definitely feel moisturising to me, or at the least they definitely didn’t dry my lips out. They also do not show up every little crack on your lips, or they don’t as much as lip sticks do, which I find a problem normally as my lips are never in a great condition no matter what I do with them.

I think in the future I will definitely be using Charm Offensive, whether I use Muse Bouche or not I’m not sure as it’s a bright red and left marks on everything. The photos of the product on my lips shows how thick it is, and these were taken after blotting it with some kitchen roll so they’ve definitely got good coverage. I’d say if you want to give these products a go then look for swatches online or see them in person as neither of these look much like the pictures given for them on the Boots website. Online there doesn’t look like much variation between them but photos of these two on here show how different these are so others may have even more variation than it appears.

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