Book Review: Blue Box by Kate Orman

bluebox1Title: Blue Box

Author: Kate Orman

Year written: 2003

Publisher and year: BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2003

ISBN Number: 0-563-53859-7

I can’t remember when or where I got his books, I think it may have been one I bought at the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff eight or nine years ago but I’m not really sure as I read the other one I definitely got then at the time. I guess being a fan of Doctor Who can be both a positive and negative thing when it comes to these books, any review is going to be biased because I like the show and know something of the back story that someone who hasn’t seen the show doesn’t but at the same time I might be overly critical of it because I love the show so much.

This particular book is about the sixth Doctor and his companion Peri and I have to say that the sixth and seventh incarnations are two that I’m not very familiar with so it probably makes this less biased but I also can’t really comment on how true to the original characters it is. I’ve seen more of one through five and then eight to twelve and I’d say probably one episode for each of six and seven so I have to guess that it has remained true to the originals and I can definitely seeing this Doctor being cannon with his mannerisms.

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