Review: No7 Lash Impact Mascara

Sorry this is going out a day later than I meant it to. I have a post a day for all the week days already planned for the next couple of weeks and somehow managed to forget what day it was yesterday so I’ll be putting up two posts today.


This mascara is just a sample size, it came in one of those free sets you get when you spend X amount which I always find are a great way to try new products, at one time I don’t think I bought a mascara for a year or two and just used these. The version I have is in black though it’s also available in brown. On the website it claims to add volume with one coat and add a false lash effect with a second coat, which sounds impressive but I’m not sure how much better it will be than some of the others I have tried.

The No7 Lash Impact mascara is available from Boots for £13.50 though it’s also included in a few of their sets so that might be a way to get this especially around Christmas with the three for two offer on gift sets. At the moment there’s an offer of buy one get one half price on No7 products as well.


The first thing I noticed about this product, and that I quite like, is the red packaging with the glitter embedded in the plastic. It’s an unusual look with the glitter and it reminds me of parties and Christmas, which is probably what they’re going for I guess. I like the shape of the container too, it’s easy to hold and the full size version is just a longer version of the same shape. The shape of the lid means it’s easy to control and doesn’t slip in your hand when you’re using it. I’m not that keen on the application bit itself, it’s one of those with fibres rather than a plastic come on the end. It does coat the eyelashes pretty well but it’s harder to get the definition of the plastic combs.

One coat
One coat

As it specifically says about the difference between the two coats I only stopped at two rather than going for three like in some other reviews. I found that the one coat did apply well, it covered my eyelashes well but I found that it did seem to stick some of them together and I had to go back while it was still wet and separate them. It did take a while for it to dry which left a few marks around my eyes as it was surprising how long it took. I was fairly impressed with the one coat as it seemed to add length though this isn’t something that it claimed on the site. I can’t say I noticed that much volume more than I would notice from adding black to my lashes anyway.

Two coats
Two coats

The second coat seemed to dry quicker, it was a bit fiddly to apply because of the brush and the normal wiggling didn’t seem to work as I couldn’t get the fibres between my lashes. I did get a couple of clumps but they were easily brushed along the lashes when I went back. I had a similar problem with the lashes sticking on the second coat as the first. I did find that with a second coat I was more aware of my eyelashes, like I could see them on the edge of my vision which is an odd feeling as I kept on wanting to wipe them. I wouldn’t say that this second coat added a lot more than the first, the before and after picture shows the difference between two coats and none, there was a lot less than with previous mascaras I’ve tried. I tried the splash test and this did not survive well, it melted a bit and ran but it did leave plenty on my eyelashes too though I won’t hold that against it as it doesn’t claim to be waterproof at all.

Before and after (with and without mascara)
Before and after (with and without mascara)

The staying power for this mascara was pretty good, I did re-apply it after the splash test to give it a proper chance, and it lasted well for six hours. I did find it felt a bit flaky if I touched my eyes especially later but it didn’t flake without touching. When it came to removing it there was plenty still on my lashes as it took a few wipes to remove it completely. It was obviously still pretty thick as it was very black on the wipes.

If you prefer the fibre type brushes over the plastic ones this might be one to look at as I think that the brush and application was one of the main things that put me off it. Also I prefer mascaras that are lighter weight but that’s another personal preference, if you like ones that feel like they’re really coating your lashes then this may be less of a problem for you. I also don’t curl my lashes, I normally find I don’t need to as they’re fairly curled anyway, this seemed to reduce the amount of curl on them which was an odd thing for mascara to do, maybe the thickness of each coat added weight and pulled them flatter. This then gave the look of less volume than other mascaras that didn’t give this problem and probably added to the fact I could see them on the edges of my vision.

Overall I did find this mascara was fair, not one that I would recommend having tried others that cost less and seem to work better for me. It’s a nice enough mascara and does last well but I found others I prefer. It lasts well for six hours and the mascara on the bottom lashes didn’t melt which is in its favour considering the amount of mascaras I have that problem with. It’s still one that I would probably use to put in my bag if I got it free in a set, which is how this one is being used at the moment so I’ll use it but it’s not one I would go out and buy specifically.

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