Review: Pokemon Planters


A while ago I saw a video and twitter posts about these plant pots from Hannah in the Yogscast and really wanted them. They’re more than I’d normally pay for plant pots but they’re so cute and I have plants that I think will look really good in them. These Pokemon Planters are of Bulbasaur and Oddish, they’re the only two Pokemon they do which is why I got them but they’re ones that will look great with plants growing out of them.

Both of these are available from various shops on Etsy though the one I bought these from is the best looking to me, this is the Madarakis store page. Most of them still have the step effect of the 3D printing process and they seem to be more matte than these are. These are smooth and have a shiny finish which I prefer. They’re available in three sizes each; classic, mega and giga and I got the Bulbasaur in giga and the Oddish is mega. If you do want to get one of these I’d recommend getting a ruler and checking the measurements as they do come smaller than I expected when I did this but they are a nice size for smaller succulents and cacti. They’re made with ABS plastic which means they’ll survive the sunlight which is very good for a planter for cacti and succulents considering how much the ones I want to put in them like it on windowsills.

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Review: No7 Lash Impact Mascara

Sorry this is going out a day later than I meant it to. I have a post a day for all the week days already planned for the next couple of weeks and somehow managed to forget what day it was yesterday so I’ll be putting up two posts today.


This mascara is just a sample size, it came in one of those free sets you get when you spend X amount which I always find are a great way to try new products, at one time I don’t think I bought a mascara for a year or two and just used these. The version I have is in black though it’s also available in brown. On the website it claims to add volume with one coat and add a false lash effect with a second coat, which sounds impressive but I’m not sure how much better it will be than some of the others I have tried.

The No7 Lash Impact mascara is available from Boots for £13.50 though it’s also included in a few of their sets so that might be a way to get this especially around Christmas with the three for two offer on gift sets. At the moment there’s an offer of buy one get one half price on No7 products as well.

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