Recent Purchases: Lush


I made an order on Monday from the Lush website after seeing the Halloween and Christmas products were online. Other than the recent Oxford Street products I tried I haven’t actually bought from Lush since last December, I always get drawn in by the Halloween and Christmas products and it’s the same this year. A few of the things I got are in the permanent line so I’ll mark which are from which collection as they disappear from shops at different times. This is sort of a first impressions post as I’m planning on doing proper reviews or comparisons for the new versions of older products that I’ve bought.

The Halloween and Christmas collections were released on October 2nd and the Halloween ones will probably end up being out of stock before Halloween going by past experience. There are sometimes products that hang around for a while, I think the Calacas scented soap was around in February in some shops, but I have found that some go out of stock in the lead up to Halloween and Lush haven’t restocked them if it’s close to the date. The Christmas ones are around until Christmas though I think these also may go out of stock if it’s within a few days of Christmas as they try not to produce too much so they don’t have to have much in sales afterwards. If they say out of stock now though both of these collections are likely to be back in stock, the Nightwing jelly went out of stock which made me delay my order until it was back as it was one of the things I wanted the most.


The first group that I wanted to get has one from each collection, I bought the 250g bottles but all three come in the 100g (£4.95), 250g (£9.75), 500g (£16.50) and 1kg (£27.95) size bottles. The price per gram does go down with each size increase but I don’t think for me it’s worth getting the bigger bottles. In the past I have stashed them but I don’t know how much I trust the Lush formula for shower gels and creams to survive and maintain their consistency. Scent-wise I’ve never had any problems with them but my recent shower creams, Lord of Misrule and Yuzu and Cocoa, have both turned to water after I started using them.

The Comforter Shower Cream is in the permanent collection nationwide. It’s a paler colour than I was expecting but the camera seems to have made it more magenta than it is in person. It’s a bluey pink with a subtle shine to it, a bit of shimmer that doesn’t appear on your skin which is good. It’s a really nice smell and pretty strong in the bottle, it’s exactly the same as the bubble bar but if you haven’t smelled that it’s a really rich blackcurrant smell, it’s a bit tart but goes really well with the pink and sweet smells that Lush do.

This Halloween the Lord of Misrule Shower Scream is in the Halloween collection nationwide but it also seems to be one of the ones that’s available in the permanent line in Oxford Street. The Lord of Misrule bath bomb is also available, though it seems to have this in the Christmas section in the catalogue but the Halloween collection online so I’m not sure when it’ll be taken out of stores, the cream is just for Halloween. This is a great unisex scent, sort of peppery and herby and is a bright green colour, which does make me feel a bit like the Hulk when showering. I like the shower cream formula when it’s new but my last bottle of this is so runny it’s sort of off-putting, my main reason for sticking to the smaller size in the crèmes.

Rose Jam Shower Gel is a return from Christmasses past, it’s a really nice sweet rose smell, a true rose smell rather than the fake kind you sometimes get. It kind of reminds me of Turkish delight but not as sugary. It’s a really nice consistency, it’s quite thick so easy to use and I have found in the past that the scent lingers, I haven’t used this one yet to test it though. This is also available in the permanent product for the bath, the oddly named bubbleroons.


The body products that I chose are all permanent products. The Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub is the original version, one that I used to love and have found worked great with my skin. It’s a salt based scrub with the same scent as the Sakura bath bomb that has been around for years despite disappearing for a while. It’s a fairly spa like scent to me, very fresh and slightly floral. This comes in the 330g tub that I got (£8.95) and a bigger 500g tub (£14.95). The Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub (£5.95) is exactly the same scent but a solid scrub. I mainly bought this to compare to the other as I expect this is going to be a bit harsher as it’s compacted into a block. I haven’t tried it but it looks like it should foam a bit which would be nice, will have to see. I hope they keep both versions in stores as if this is harsher I won’t be buying it again and I’d really miss the scent. As a couple of others have lost the original versions for the recent releases I’m crossing my fingers this one doesn’t get the same treatment.

Dreamwash Roulade Shower Smoothie is available in two sizes, the 100g that I got (£5) and one that’s 250g (£12.50). I’m not sure if it’s one that in stores can be cut to whatever size you want, like the soaps, as it’s a roulade rather than set moulds. This is one of the replacements for a product I loved, the old Dreamwash used to come in a tub and was a bit messy to use so it’ll be interesting to see whether this is easier. It’s not the most pleasant smell, it’s a calamine, lavender, soothing product kind of smell rather than being a scent you’d want to linger I’ve got used to the smell and quite like it now, it’s one of those products that does wonders for my skin when it flares up or reacts to other products and I’ll do a comparison when I’ve tried it a bit more. I think all of the old shower smoothies have had the roulade makeover, I do like the look but I’ll have to see what the formula is like for my skin.


I went for a couple of bath products, both of these are in the Christmas collection. The Bar Humbug Bubble Bar (£3.65) is smaller than I expected, though the price should have tipped me off it wouldn’t be the size of the Comforter bbs which is a similar design. I think I’ll still get two baths out of it though so it does make it a less expensive product per bath as far as Lush goes. It’s a really nice design, it’s a rich purple and white swirl with glitter around the edge, though this does unfortunately transfer onto everything it touches so I got very glittery opening the box as it had transferred to the eco-flo they use as padding. The scent is nice, it’s sort of minty but with a hint of liquorice in the background so it’s not just pure mint. If you haven’t used these before you’re supposed to crumble them into the bath, though to be honest recently it’s needed a knife sometimes to get them to the point they break up which is disappointing considering they used to crumble easily with your hands, either way they give a good amount of bubbles and you get multiple baths out of each one. Going by how hard this one is I’m thinking it’s towards the knife end of the scale but it might break ok.

In recent years Lush have done re-usable bubble bar wands, with varying degrees of success as I’ve found some turn to mush in the first bath whereas others last for seven or eight baths (I’ve never had a fairy wand that didn’t last five). It will depend also on how bubbly you like it and how long you swish it round the bath for. This star is The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95) and has a real cinnamon stick as the handle which is a nice idea but it has already started to crack so I’m not sure how it’ll look after three times in the bath. This is another glittery one but not quite so bad with transfer. It has a very Chritmassy smell to me, it’s got an orange undertone but then with the typical Christmas spices like cloves and cinnamon and for some reason the scent definitely has something that reminds me of the scent of Burt’s Bees Almond and Milk hand cream. I was sitting here for ages trying to remember what it reminded me of and that’s what it is, I think it might be the almond.


The final two products are jellies, these are my weakness when it comes to Lush. I know they’re a bit of a Marmite, love it or hate it, kind of product it seems but I do find these great and they last so long that they’re worth the price to me compared to gels which run out quicker. They are essentially solid shower gels, they claim to be good for hair as well though I’ve never tried them as they seem a bit fiddly and I’d probably have bits break off. The easiest way to use them is with a shower puff or scrubby glove, either rub them on it and get a lather or rip a bit off and do that, then the rest stays away from the shower.lushhalloweenchristmas2

The first one I knew I had to get when I saw it was the Nightwing Shower Jelly (£3.95) and is 95g which seems an odd size but it’s because it’s the shape of a bat, one of the reasons I wanted it. It appears to be black but it’s actually a very dark bluey purple and will leave this colour on everything that it touches if you’re not careful. It lathers up white though and a little goes a long way, the goo left behind on my hand after holding it was enough to wash them. lushhalloweenchristmas3The smell is a sweet lime, I think it’s the same scent as the Calacas products in the past but I don’t have a jelly to compare it to. It’s the exact smell of green wine gums to me, I think Calacas was sweeter and more like fruit pastilles so it’s a very subtle difference to me so if you liked that then this is probably likely to be one you’d like too.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly is available in both 100g (£3.95) or a larger 240g tub (£7.95) and in an alcohol free version with just the smaller tubs for the same price. I chose the standard version in 100g. This is a bright red shimmery jelly with stars that melt in the water so they aren’t going to poke you when you get to them which has been a problem with Lush stars in the past. This is pure fresh apple juice, it’s probably fairly close to the So White ballistic they do. It’s a very fresh smell and not really one I’d put with Christmas but anything apple is good to me.

I think that the products I got are all ones I’ll love, though I already knew this with a few as I’d tried them in the past. I don’t think this range of Christmas scents is as exciting to me as the ones in the past, I guess them using the same products they have before and that I’ve tried probably doesn’t help and a large percentage of them are available in products year round though it is nice that you can layer your favourite scents now. I do think there may be a couple of others I’ll be tempted to try, the face mask especially as I have so many of their black tubs stacked up from the past that I can get five or six free if I want.

I’m happy with what I have and crossing my fingers that they all keep well and perform as well as I’m expecting them to. They haven’t tempted me back to Lush in the permanent line really but I’ll always a have a weakness for their Christmas and Halloween products, especially if they bring out anything Calacas or Ghost scented (I’m crossing my fingers for that in the kitchen leading up to Halloween).

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