Review: Collection Lengthening Mascara


I used to love Collection, back when they were Collection 2000 I used to buy their nail varnishes pretty much exclusively, I had a whole drawer full of them and some of the early makeup I had as gifts were their eyeshadow quads or trios, I can’t remember which really. So when this was in one of the Latest in Beauty boxes I was excited to see how it would turn out as I hadn’t used anything by them for a while. I remember them as being pretty good for the price but definitely not being as high quality as some of the more expensive well known drug store brands, which is to be expected really at half the price.

This is the lengthening mascara, it costs £3.99 in Boots so it’s one of the cheaper mascaras in my collection at the moment. It claims to add length and definition, which I used to be a sceptical about but with recent mascara reviews I’ve found that they were better than I expected. This mascara is only available in black, at least that I found, and I think that this make is exclusive to Boots in the UK.


The packaging for this one really stands out for me. I know that a lot of brands go for the bright colours so if I owned certain brand mascaras it’d look like a rainbow in my drawer, but I don’t have many with bright packaging. This green is definitely different to the others I’ve noticed in the stores though the shape seems to be fairly popular at the moment.collectionlengtheningmascara3 I thought that the odd angle at the top of the lid looked a bit weird but when I was holding it made it easier if I rested my finger on that and helped me to control it so it turns out it may have been there for a reason after all. The brush itself is long and has the plastic bristles I like, more like a comb than a normal mascara brush. It’s also really flexible though it did get a couple of blobs of mascara on it when I first pulled it out, it’s not much of a problem if you know to look for it but if not you might get more than you want on your eyelashes.

First coat

This is one of the mascaras that I have never used before, I tried it first with one coat which did give a nice enough finish. It was easy to apply and definitely coated my lashes well, I was impressed with how it worked on the bottom lashes as often they can stick together a bit but I didn’t have that problem with this one, I’m not sure if it’s the mascara itself or the brush but either way it was nice not to have to separate my lashes after applying it. It did take longer than I expected to dry and felt a bit sticky for a while. I didn’t really notice any lengthening but I guess it did add definition with the lack of sticking together the eyelashes, they all remained individual.

Second coat

The second layer was good too, it kept my eyelashes pretty well defined, there was a bit of sticking together but it did seem to add quite a bit of mascara with the second layer so it might be that was the problem. If I wiggled the brush when I was applying it though there wasn’t much problem with this. I know this one doesn’t say it’s waterproof but I did the splashproof test anyway and I’d say even splash proof would be pushing it as it seemed to turn my top lashes into four or five clumps of lashes. Fair enough, it doesn’t say it is at all waterproof so I’m not counting this against it but I would say just be aware of this if it’s a rainy or humid day.

Third coat
Third coat

After the splash test I thought I’d try to separate them, and ended up doing a third coat which wasn’t what I originally planned but I thought I might as well give it a go as I wanted to see how the lashes separated and I don’t really have a lash brush apart from on my mascaras. It separated really well when I wiggled the brush through it so if you eyelashes do get stuck into clumps it’s worth knowing that a brush through with this wand will work so maybe keep it in your bag in case. The third coat did add more mascara but it still stayed pretty well defined even with all the product on which did impress me. I do think that adding a third layer didn’t add anything to this product, I’d stop at two if I used it again.

With three coats and without any
With three coats on the top lashes, (one on the bottom lashes) and without any mascara
I could not get the dark marks to show up in the lighting, I think this photo kind of shows them
I could not get the dark marks to show up in the lighting, I think this photo kind of shows them

I wore the mascara for three hours before I started to notice the bottom lashes had melted a bit, or maybe flaked would be a better word. It was somewhere between the two and I had some spots and the dark line beneath my bottom lashes. About half an hour later it appeared on my top lashes too. I’m not sure why this happened as it hasn’t been a humid day nor was I really doing much that meant I sweated which I have found causes mascara to melt a bit in the past. It was even weirder because when it came to removing it it was quite hard to get off, it took quite a few wipes with my eye makeup remover to remove it all. This could either be a good or a bad thing, it does mean that the majority of the product stuck through to the six hours after first application despite the odd flaking/melting half way through. It wasn’t such a good thing for me as my skin is fairly sensitive so something that took that much removal left me eyes a bit red, they calmed down after about fifteen minutes but I’d rather avoid things that cause that.

Splash test (couldn't fit it further up very well)
Splash test (couldn’t fit it further up very well)

At the end of all that I’m not sure how I feel about this mascara. I liked the look of it when it was first applied and for the first two or three hours it stayed well and no problems with my eyes being irritated or anything but after that the weird dots and dark marks sort of put me off. I’m not sure if it’s a problem that anyone else has had with the mascara as otherwise it’s great, especially for the price, and it was still there hours later when I tried to remove it so it’s got some staying power. I have given it a go with just the one layer in case it was because of the three layers and the splash test in the middle but it had the same results.

Because I have found other mascaras that I prefer I wouldn’t buy this one again, I’m not sure I would really recommend it but it was a good mascara as far as definition goes. I would say if you’re in the market for a cheap mascara and don’t mind trying a few this might be worth a look simply because I did love it apart from the melting, which may not be a problem for you. I do think that the MUA waterproof one I tried impressed me more and is cheaper, if I could only find the waterproof version in stores. I think I’m going to have to try the non-waterproof version and see how that matches up. The Soap and Glory Thick and Fast was also better, though it was more than double the price.

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? Did you have the same problem with it melting and flaking? I haven’t had it with my top lashes with others in the same way as this one so was wondering if it’s just me or if it’s the mascara.


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