September Favourites: Another Odd Combination


This month quite a few of the favourites I picked are things I like to use on days when I’m not feeling that good as I’ve found myself using them a lot recently and some of them were things I wasn’t expecting to love as much as I did. The shampoo and hand cream particularly impressed me, though I wasn’t sure how much I’d use the shampoo when I got it in the Latest in Beauty box. I have a feeling that next month’s favourites will have a few Halloween themed things in as there are a couple in here and I do love a lot of the autumn and Halloween products that a lot of companies bring out.


This Witches’ Brew from Yankee Candle is a favourite of mine, I bought this one last year and this is my second jar in the year but I was keeping it. As the new version is out again this year I might get another one, though I do prefer this jar to the new one, I love the silhouette design on this jar and the one from the year before. It’s a great autumn smell, it’s mainly patchouli but there’s something else in there, something incense based that really reminds me of those shops you get that sell incense and little gifts. I’m not always a fan of patchouli though I think that’s mainly because it turns strange when it’s on my skin so a candle is a great way to have the scent without having it go weird. I think I’ll be burning this quite a bit and I have some tea lights in it too so I might skip it this year.

The Zombie Repellent personal space from Fortune Cookie Soap is a fairly recent buy as it came in the Halloween box, I just love this smell and have been spraying it a lot since I got it. It’s a great autumn smell with the apple and spices, it’s quite a comforting smell for me which is great when I’m not feeling that good.


I have a couple of haircare products in this lot, the first is the Co-Lab Dry Shampoo in Paris. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use this but I found that it actually added three or four days to when I needed to wash my hair. I only wash my hair once a week because otherwise it gets all frizzy and it’s normally fine a bit longer than that, I tried it this time at the week mark and this shampoo made it look freshly washed, removed any sign of greasiness and seemed to dry my hair a bit. There was no white powdery look on my hair though the scent was a bit overpowering for the first five minutes.

The Wendy Bird Leave-in Conditioner from Fortune Cookie soap was another product I wasn’t sure how much I’d use as it seemed a bit light for my hair the first time I used it. I have found that it almost works like the dry shampoo in making my hair look fresher which surprised me as I expected it to become greasier or at least look it when I used this on hair when it was dry. I tried it wet and I wasn’t a big fan as it wasn’t rich enough for my hair but dry it works well as a detangler/refresher. Also this smells great, a nice fresh apple smell rather than the overly sweet fake apple scent you often get.


I have had the Lord of Misrule shower crème for a while as someone on the Lush forum went to the Oxford Street store and got it for me. I love this smell, it’s a unisex scent and has a bit of pepperiness or spice that makes it a nice autumn scent. The only down side with this is that, although it was originally nice and thick, it has become the consistency of water. It works ok with a shower puff but I have lost a lot more of it than I would like because it’s just so runny. It does make me feel slightly like the Hulk when I use it as I turn green even when it foams and makes a bit of a mess of the shower. I think this is a permanent thing in the Oxford Street store though it hasn’t been released online or anywhere else as a permanent product. It’s available at the moment on their online store as a Halloween product and I’ll be buying a bottle.

In a recent purchases post I did earlier in the month from I said about the hand cream I got, the Peach Hand Cream from Tony Moly. I love peach scents and this is a nice strong one but the thing that impressed me the most was the formula and how well it sinks in and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I think I’ll be getting more of these, maybe some of the other scents as well, when my hand cream stash has been reduced a bit.


These last two are probably a bit strange in a monthly favourites as the first, M*A*S*H the Martinis and Medicine Collection is a box set of probably my favourite comedy ever. I do like a few others and will watch them any time but this is one I always go back to. I had the first few series on video and DVD but then this one came up in a sale for less than £60 on amazon when it was normally up for £150 at the time so it was too good an offer for me to miss. I know it’s not exactly modern, it was made between 1972 and 1983, and is based in the Korean War though it’s still a good show, it has dated in a way but I don’t think the comedy or the situation has really. As I’ve seen it so many times it’s a great show for when I’m not feeling great and there’s so many series and episodes that they last a while if I want to watch them back to back.

I know I’m late getting into One Piece but I’ve started reading it and love it. I bought the first four on eBay for about £5 when I was buying another set of books and thought I’d give them a go as I ended up with free postage. I saw the anime years ago and I didn’t like it, I gave the first few episodes a go and it put me off the manga. I don’t think that it helped it was the dubbed version as the voices in those always seem weird to me and remind me too much of cartoon heroes I watched growing up, probably just me though. I am definitely going to be reading more, I think I prefer these one volume books to the three volume ones, I have one of them too, the art on the covers of these is so bright I just like them more though it would be more expensive to get these in the long run if I end up with them all.

A bit of an odd combination this month, I haven’t really worn much makeup as I haven’t been up to going out but hopefully will be doing more next month and have some makeup to add to the October favourites. Is there anything you found this month? Or something you rediscovered that surprised you?

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