Review: Sugar and Vice Halloween Bunting and Acorn Necklaces

Happy Halloween! I haven’t really done much today Halloweenish apart from watching an old Hammer Horror movie and apple bobbing. We had some trick or treaters and I may have eaten some of the sweets that they didn’t take. Have you guys had Halloween plans and done anything fun tonight? Or are you going to if you’re in America and it’s still the afternoon.


This is only a fairly short post but I wanted to review these while the one necklace is still on the site. I’m not sure how much longer the Halloween range will be up but it’s still there now. I’ve bought some necklaces from Sugar and Vice in the past and really like the style and the quality is really good. They’re laser cut acrylic shapes which are then used in different types of jewellery, I’ve just tended to stick with necklaces as I prefer smaller earrings and I just wear a greater range of necklaces though I do love some of the bracelets so I might get one of them next.

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The regular scheduled blogging will resume shortly

This picture has nothing to do with the post but I liked it and played around on my iPad apps a bit when I was in hospital so have an amazing day. It’s the sticker on the back of a parcel from Sugar and Vice that arrived in the post yesterday morning. Unfortunately the iPad app won’t save it as being centred (to me anyway) so sorry it’s a bit wonky!

The past few days I haven’t posted what I meant to as I was ill, I ended up spending the night in hospital last night but as they couldn’t find anything that was actually causing the problems and the pain seemed to fade without them doing anything to me today they decided to discharge me. Basically I haven’t had the energy or time to post a proper post or review and I’m not sure if I will for the rest of the week. I might do a short one on the Sugar and Vice necklaces on my iPad like this one because one is Halloweeny so it would be a bit late for me to post about it after that but the others I had planned this week will be moved to next week, or I’ll do a bit more reshuffling.

Anyway, this post was just sort of explaining why I might not be posting much coming up, depends how long it takes for me to recover as they said I definitely have a virus so it’s rest and drink lots of fluids at the moment. It’s so frustrating, just when I was planning on working on doing more physically I have to rest for a while and I’ve started blogging everyday but I’ll probably have to take a break from this which will just feel weird, even if it’s only for a week, especially as I’ve had Halloween themed posts planned for the past month for this week. 

See you soon, hopefully!

Old Vs New: Lush’s Dreamwash Shower Smoothie


Lush recently released a lot of new products, some of them are reformulated or reshaped versions of existing products so I thought I’d get a few of the new versions of old favourites to see how they compare. The first one and the one I’ve used the most is the Dreamwash shower smoothie. I can’t remember the old price, but it was around the £10 I think for the 250g tub, this isn’t available any more online so if you want to try either of these it has to be the new roll style. The roll style costs £5 for 100g (the size I bought) or a larger 250g chunk is available for £12.50 and you can find these either in Lush stores or online.

The idea of Dreamwash is that it works in a similar way to the Dream Cream which is well known for being good for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers. I have found that when my skin flares up, I have slightly sensitive skin from sunburn or if my skin reacts to something then cool baths and only using the Dreamwash has really helped. It contains calamine, chamomile, aloe, tea tree and lavender which are all ingredients used for sensitive skin and treating acne prone skin.

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Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

frankenstein4Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Year written: 1818

Publisher and year: Penguin Classics, 2013

ISBN Number: 978-0-141-39339-1

It might be a bit of an odd one to review as it’s not a recent book, not that any of the ones I’ve read have really been new, but I hadn’t read it so I thought I would. This is one of those books that I have wanted to read for ages and I’ve been told multiple times it’s one of those ones that everyone should read in their life so when I saw this version in the sale at the beginning of this year I bought it. I have a bit of a weakness for pretty books and I needed to replace my copy of Jungle Book which had been destroyed by water so I got one of those in this collection too. These Penguin Clothbound Classics are so gorgeous I think I’ll be collecting them.

As there are so many editions of this book that have been published throughout the years and in different languages part of this book will be about the story and part of the review is also going to be about this exact edition as it has so many extras to the normal versions I’ve seen in stores.

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ME, Myself and I: Furry Therapy

I’m not talking about an official group or trained animals, it’s about pets and companions more than anything. I don’t know how many places or groups call it furry therapy but that’s what it was always called in AYME so I’ve sort of gone with it again here. I doesn’t have to be furry, it can be scaly, feathery, spiky or slippery (I’m not sure what could be slippery apart from frogs) and anything else you want to call it. I’ve known a lot of people with ME over the years and a lot of people have found that animals can be very beneficial, they’re someone that’s always there and happy to see you, or most of them are. I guess the most popular is dogs from the people I have known but any animal can be a great listener.

This is one of those posts that I meant to do ages ago, it was one of those in my list of posts when I first started this section on the blog but it just never happened. I was also inspired by having to spend over an hour trying to get our dog to let us remove a tic from his ear, which was rather exhausting but he finally let us and got his treat. You’d think being eleven years old he’d be quiet and calm but he still thinks he’s a puppy. I was planning on including photos in this post but it seems like it’s even harder to get him to sit still for a photo.

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A Halloween Countdown Box and Eleven Advent Calendars


A bit of a different post today, I thought as all the advent calendars are coming out I’d do a bit of a post on them. Also yesterday I got something in the post that I’ll probably be posting about as I open them so thought I’d do a bit of a post about that too. The advent calendar I went with eleven purely because I meant to do ten but then added one which isn’t really beauty because I might be getting it. A couple of the companies are bringing out more than one but I’ll stick with eleven in the title anyway.

These images I found for some of the advent calendars are definitely spoilers so if you don’t want to be spoiled then I’d stop reading at the end of the advent bit. Though they are just the images used to sell the products in most of them so if you were to buy them online you’d see the same pictures. I personally like to see what I’m getting so like these spoilers but I know others don’t so a bit of a warning.

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Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


About a month ago I bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, a bit late compared to everyone else but I’ve wanted one of the Naked palettes and the rose gold colours in this were so pretty I had to go for this one. It cost £38 on the John Lewis website, I decided against getting it from somewhere cheaper as I’ve already had one fake Naked 2 palette from eBay I didn’t want to risk another fake. It’s more than I spend on most palettes, I think the only exception is one from the Balm, but I thought it would be worth it having heard such great reviews of it since it’s been out.

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Review: Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquers


Not long ago I did a recent purchases from Boots and it had a Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer from Soap and Glory in it, I thought this was the only one of them that I had but it turned out that in last year’s Christmas gift set they had on offer another of these was included though I hadn’t used it so I thought I’d include both as that’s another permanent colour as well. The new one I bought was in Muse Bouche, the older one from the gift set is Charm Offensive.

These are essentially very pigmented lip glosses, and though they have the Sexy Mother Pucker branding on them they do not make your lips tingle or plump them like the original or lip glosses with the same name. These come in various colours though they tend to be neutrals to reds rather than any vibrant pinks as far as I can tell. They cost £7 at Boots and are often in the three for two offers so it’s probably best to get them then if you want to give them a go. There’s 7ml of product in these which is less than the larger original glosses but the price is also lower and they’re a good handbag size so I don’t have a problem with it.

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Book Review: Blue Box by Kate Orman

bluebox1Title: Blue Box

Author: Kate Orman

Year written: 2003

Publisher and year: BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2003

ISBN Number: 0-563-53859-7

I can’t remember when or where I got his books, I think it may have been one I bought at the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff eight or nine years ago but I’m not really sure as I read the other one I definitely got then at the time. I guess being a fan of Doctor Who can be both a positive and negative thing when it comes to these books, any review is going to be biased because I like the show and know something of the back story that someone who hasn’t seen the show doesn’t but at the same time I might be overly critical of it because I love the show so much.

This particular book is about the sixth Doctor and his companion Peri and I have to say that the sixth and seventh incarnations are two that I’m not very familiar with so it probably makes this less biased but I also can’t really comment on how true to the original characters it is. I’ve seen more of one through five and then eight to twelve and I’d say probably one episode for each of six and seven so I have to guess that it has remained true to the originals and I can definitely seeing this Doctor being cannon with his mannerisms.

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ME, Myself and I: Halloween


I love autumn, the colours and the weather but I think my favourite thing is probably Halloween. When I was little it wasn’t really a bit thing in the UK and not many people went trick or treating where I live, though we did have small parties with friends with apple bobbing and things like that instead. It seems like it’s got a lot more popular the past few years with decorations and I see lots on Facebook about people having parties and my YouTube subscription page gets full of makeup tutorials. I always want to try them but I have nowhere to go with them, maybe this year I’ll try to do one anyway and see how it turns out.

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