ME, Myself and I: SO Many Bugs

This time of year is bad for everyone with all the bugs going round and the flu and all sorts of versions of these that seem to appear in schools and anywhere with a big group of people. I don’t get out that much so it seems like I should be able to avoid them but it seems like any time there’s something in the area I catch it, and sometimes two at once which is always fun. I never used to really have this problem, I would get a chesty cough thing for a month or two every year but it was never bad enough to stop me going to school and it seemed to keep everything else away. Since ME it’s pretty much the opposite, I don’t think I’ve had the same cough since I’ve had ME which in some ways is good I guess.

I think another thing that everyone gets alongside the feeling of relief of finally finishing something big is suddenly your body just sort of relaxes and you seem to catch a cold or a sore throat and it just seems to take all the existing energy you have. I guess towards the end of anything big like an assignment you’re body (or at least mine) seems to be mainly running on a mix of adrenaline, sugar and sometimes caffeine (it’s times like that I miss caffeine).

It’s probably been a combination of both of these things that has meant I am now in bed with lemsip and cough sweets and a pile of TV series DVDs I’ve been watching because I don’t have the energy to do much else. It doesn’t help when we have a dog who likes to bark at everything and the people across the road are moving so there’s lots of activity so very little chance to sleep and recover in the day.

Since having ME these things always seem to drag on, a cold that would maybe make me feel a bit off and slow me down a bit for a week lasts two or three and I’m stuck in bed for most of it. It doesn’t help when I find some of my symptoms when I’ not doing great ME wise are sore throat and headaches so it’s a bit hard sometimes to tell the difference between ‘done too much and paying for it’ sore throat and ‘actually ill’ sore throat. And there’s always the signs that say if you have flu symptoms then ring 111 instead of going into doctors, which makes me smile for some reason when I always have flu-like symptoms with ME, maybe that’s just me.

We did have a good evening last night as it was mum’s birthday so we had a steak meal, with sushi to start and chocolate cake after which is a bit of an odd combination but it worked and tasted good. It was a nice relaxing evening though in the afternoon I had the fun of a blood test which ended up with a nice bruise on the back of my wrist and I’m having to do everything with my right hand, which does make blogging a bit harder and this has taken me longer than I thought to type.

Sorry if there have been any typos, I found a few both times I’ve re-read this so there are probably others I missed. Do any of you guys have tips for getting rid of colds and bugs quickly? I’ve got vitamin C, honey and lemon, throat sweets and lemsip but it’s always good to have options for these things and I’m thinking of being organised and having a mini first aid box with some lemsip and other bits in by the side of my bed.

Hope everyone’s doing ok, looking forward to Halloween now with it being almost October (I think I said that last week too) and have my horror movies, I bought a 21 disc Hammer movies set thing recently on eBay so I think I’ll be watching those this month leading up to Halloween even if they’re not all horror.

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