Fortune Cookie Soap: Zombie Survival Kit Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap is a company that I’ve reviews products from in the past, they’re based in America and sell bath and body products. They have a box of samples they release as a preview for each of the collections they release in the year and you can sign up here for future boxes, the Christmas one will ship on 2nd November. These boxes have a range of products in sample sizes as well as two full sized products, sometimes new product types are introduced in them. This box was a separate collection to the normal subscription and is for Halloween with a Zombie Survival Kit theme. I like the names and product scents in their collections, they normally have a range of scents and the names fit well with the theme.

I normally find that the Halloween scents and collections are some of my favourites, there’s always some mulled fruit scents and spicy smells that I really like. Zombie Survival Kit seems like a great theme, and it’s more specific than just Halloween. The added extra this time was a plaster, though I don’t know what colour it is it looks like it’s a dark one with maybe a pattern on. I’m keeping it for if I ever need it, it’ll be a bit different than the normal coloured ones I have.


Inside the box on the top is the card showing the products with a bit of a scent description.FCSzombies2 There’s also the standard shredded paper used to keep them safe though it’s black this time. There’s always a little extra, this time the plaster, which is a nice touch though I don’t always use them. Everything arrived in one piece, I’ve always found that FCS packing is good and the products survive the trip from America to the UK.


Safe Zone Fortune Cookie Soap – One of the full size products in the box, I love these soaps as they last a lot longer than you’d expect them to given the shape. I really like this design, it’s got a gun metal type look with rivets and looks like some old metal which goes well with the theme. The card says this should smell of hotcakes, berries and cream and I think that I get the hotcakes and cream but I don’t really smell any berries. Even when I used it it’s still a plain bakery scent, it’s very sweet and to me a bit overly so. I’m not a fan of bakery scents so this isn’t for me but if you like them then this might be good for you. There is one thing I noticed about this, it leaves black marks on my hands every time I touch it. It does wash off easily so wouldn’t be a problem when you’re using it but it might mean that it left marks on other products it was kept with.


Blood Transfusion Body Wash – I really like this packaging, the blood transfusion bag is a nice touch and it’s re-sealable though a bit messy when you try to. The official scent description says it smells like rock candy, bloated berries and sticky bubble gum. This is definitely a very sweet bubble gum scent, there’s a bit of berry in there but it’s like a berry fizzy drink, it almost smells fizzy to me as well. One of my favourite scents in this collection, a nice one for washing but probably a bit over sweet to soak in or have as a lingering scent for me.


Wound Repair Salve – I think this is a new product type, it says it’s a wound salve for cracked or dry skin as well as for wounds. It has a bit of an odd consistency, I thought it would be harder than it was but it was easy to get out of the tin with my finger and melted and spread easily on my skin. I did try it on a very dry patch on my arm and it just left a bit of a greasy residue, it didn’t soak in though I guess it’s kept the area moisturised while it’s there. The scent description says it smells of ice with melted chocolate, I’m not sure what the ‘ice’ part of this is but it definitely has the chocolate smell. Another that isn’t my favourite kind of smell but I’ll probably use this despite the smell if I have really dry elbows.


Zombie Repellent Room Spray – This is one of those proper autumn smells, it says the scent is rotten apple flesh, mulled fruits cinnamon, brown sugar, black vanilla bean and oak. I think this is the most complex of the scents but it’s just a general nice autumn smell. To me it’s got the warm baked apple with cinnamon scent that I love, the mulled fruit is there to add some warm spiciness, I don’t really smell the oak or vanilla but maybe they’d come out more in another product base. This smells so good, a classic autumn scent, a nice warm smell that would work in almost any product for me, maybe not one that lingers as much as I don’t go so much for food scents in a fragrance.


Weapon of Choice OCD Hand Sanitizer – I think this is still full sized, this used to be the only size this product was sold in but there’s not a larger bottle too, I don’t think I’ve bought a hand sanitizer since getting these boxes. It says the scent is white wine, rotting peaches and decayed citrus and I was surprised at how fresh it smells. It’s a very fruity peach based scent, I’m not sure how much citrus I can smell but there’s definitely some wine in there and the smell really reminds me of a fizzy alcohol free drink we used to get at Christmas when I was little that was white grape based. I really like this one, I’ll probably be getting a couple of things in it, though it’s not a very autumn scent to me, it’d be a great summer scent and would probably make a nice light perfume.


Airborn Steam Me Up Scotty – These Steam Me Up Scotty products aren’t my favourite, they’re like mini bath bombs that fizz in the shower and release scent, I tend not to buy any but they do give a good way to experience a scent. This official description is dark coffee, caramel and melted chocolate, which seems pretty accurate to me. It’s definitely coffee with a rich sweetness which I guess is the caramel. The chocolate isn’t very strong but it’s there, it comes out more when it fizzes so might come to the front in other products. Another that isn’t my favourite scent, coffee and chocolate aren’t ones I’d choose for a body product but if you like chocolate and coffee products this seems like a nice mix.


Rule #47 Whipped Cream – These whipped creams are nice, they’re very moisturising like a body butter but a thinner consistency. The scent is apple with caramel and I love this one too, it’s a fresh apple sweets scent though I don’t smell caramel specifically I guess that’s what makes it more sweets than fresh apple. I love this one, it’s one that will probably work in any product to me, it’d make a nice fresh perfume, a refreshing body wash or scrub and a light body lotion. The scent did fade fairly quickly and became more powdery, it was gone after ten or fifteen minutes.


Liquid Courage Perfume Oil – I really like this little bottle, the wax seal actually stays intact even when I took the lid off. These perfume oils have a good throw and work well as they sink into the skin quickly rather than leaving a greasy residue like some do. The scent for this is very fruity, it says it should smell of cotton candy, raspberries, pineapples, watermelon and night blooming flowers. I’m not sure what flowers they are but I really don’t get anything floral in this scent. I think the main scent to me is pineapple though there’s a general sweet fruitiness with a hint of sharpness, it almost has a citrus smell to me. I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it as a perfume but it’s the kind of scent I’d like in bath products or body creams.

I really like about half of these scents, there’s a wider range of scents than you often get in autumn collections with bakery, autumn and fruit smells in there. Some of them don’t seem to fit it as well as others but I do like the inclusion of the lighter fruit scents as they’re some of my favourites in a lot of collections. I will be using all the products I got in here but there are some that I won’t be buying anything in the larger product size on release.

I posted this review today because tonight, 25th October is the release date, the release is at 6PM CST (in the middle of the night in the UK so I’ll be looking at the things tomorrow). I’ll probably get a few things from the collection though it won’t be a big order as so many places are releasing Halloween collections and the Christmas products are going to be released soon.

Even if these products don’t sound like ones you’d choose scent wise the company themselves are probably worth looking at if you like bath and beauty products. Some of the scents aren’t as complex as other companies but they’re great for layering, they’re cruelty free and the scents last really well plus the products don’t go off quickly which I’ve found happens with some companies.

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