ME, Myself and I: Decluttering

In the spirit of new starts and finding things to do I have recently found that I really want to de-clutter everything, I may also have been influenced a bit by all the beauty YouTubers I watch who are de-cluttering recently. I tend to get this feeling every six months or so that I need to sort out my drawers and cupboards and move things around because they seem to be in the wrong place. It almost always ends up in failure because I empty drawers out before there’s space to put the stuff in the new place and then I have piles of bits on my floor and half way through I run out of energy and the last few piles get shoved into a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe or one of the empty drawers.

This time I am going to be better at pacing myself. I don’t have any OU work to do so I can just have days where I simply sort things out rather than having to work it around that. I do have my business plan to work on but I can timetable better when I don’t have to rush and finish an assignment and recover from it afterwards.

I have always been a bit of a hoarder, there have been times when I find something in my sorting out which I haven’t used in years and will likely never use again, I have no emotional attachment to it either and I still keep it ‘just in case’. This time I’m going to be more ruthless, I am going to go through things like my makeup (which I have already started) and decide if I haven’t used it and will I ever use it. I already have a few palettes I’m either going to give away or possibly try eBay as they’re in good condition and I know there’s a few of the loose pigments I own that I have never used and have others I would choose first if I wanted a similar colour.

It feels quite good when you get rid of these things, or in my case put them in a box before I decide what to do with them. There are some things that will just go in the bin, some of my older clothes I haven’t worn for years and can replace with slightly newer but still old clothes for around the house. There are some that I will keep as long as I have space for them, either things that I have an emotional attachment to like old toys, things I’ve collected (my Doctor Who figures will always stay) and things like my books and DVDs that I will likely want to watch/read again and it just feels wrong to get rid of them.

Although this is probably a good thing to do, a healthy thing to do throughout life anyway, I think it’ll help a bit with my ME, at least I’m hoping it will. I’m hoping to have two empty drawers, one of them I will be able to put my jeans and comfy about the house clothes for days when I don’t have the energy to get them off the hangers or the shelves and probably use the same drawer on days when I don’t have the energy to put the clothes away at the end of the day. Having a couple of empty boxes under my bed, which are currently filled with bits from old courses that I won’t need now, will mean that again I have a quick place to put things and at the end of the week or when I’m feeling better I will just have a box to sort through rather than piles of things on the floor or side.

I’m hoping that at the end of it it will really feel like the new start, if I get rid of the clothes I’m not that into any more I will always have things to wear out that I feel comfortable and nice in rather than things I liked five or ten years ago. I’ll have got rid of a lot of those ‘just in case’ things that I have filling up drawers and cupboards and maybe fill the box like I’ve bene meaning to for days when I don’t have the energy and have things like face wipes and first aid kind of things in it so on days when I hardly have the energy to get out of bed I’ll be able to look in the box and have everything there rather than going to the different drawers in my room. It probably sounds strange saying that going from a drawer a couple of metres away from another to get something out and looking through it takes energy but on a bad day it really does.

I guess overall the plan is to get properly organised. I’ll still probably be an organised mess and have my drawers with weird things together because they make sense to me but at least I will feel like I’ve accomplished something and hopefully the empty drawers and boxes will make it that bit easier to stop my room from getting too messy. I always find that when it gets untidy it makes me feel like it can get even more untidy and it won’t matter and then it just gets out of hand. It doesn’t happen often but this new plan might stop it from happening at all.

This kind of ended up less ME related again, it kind of is but not as much as the ones I wrote to start with. Maybe I should just have this as a general blog section, not that I have that much else to post about in these anyway at the moment. I’ll see how it goes, I do have some things about my ME to write about but at the moment it’s waiting on test results and things from the doctors to see what I’m doing so I’ll have something more to write in a week or two hopefully *crosses fingers* (does anyone still do that online, use the * for doing things? I used to see it a lot but it’s not around so much now).

Hope you’re all OK, enjoying the more autumnal weather, at least it’s getting that way here where I am, not sure about anywhere else. I’m getting excited for Halloween, I might have to get my decorations out soon!

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