ME, Myself and I: Decluttering

In the spirit of new starts and finding things to do I have recently found that I really want to de-clutter everything, I may also have been influenced a bit by all the beauty YouTubers I watch who are de-cluttering recently. I tend to get this feeling every six months or so that I need to sort out my drawers and cupboards and move things around because they seem to be in the wrong place. It almost always ends up in failure because I empty drawers out before there’s space to put the stuff in the new place and then I have piles of bits on my floor and half way through I run out of energy and the last few piles get shoved into a bag at the bottom of my wardrobe or one of the empty drawers.

This time I am going to be better at pacing myself. I don’t have any OU work to do so I can just have days where I simply sort things out rather than having to work it around that. I do have my business plan to work on but I can timetable better when I don’t have to rush and finish an assignment and recover from it afterwards.

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