Review: Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara


Today’s review is the Thick and Fast mascara by Soap and Glory. I am definitely a fan of the Soap and Glory makeup I’ve tried so far, though it’s mainly the eyeshadows, lip glosses and a few of the lip colours. This mascara is another that was a favourite for a couple of years, also it’s sort of middle of the field with prices of the ones I own at the moment as it’s £10 and around Christmas is often included in the big Soap and Glory set or one of their other makeup offers, where I’ve got them the past few years.

This is the original version, and I have had it in my drawer since Christmas, it was the only one they did at the time but now it’s the superjet black one that’s on the Boots website here. I have never seen the others but I might look into them when my mascara stash is finally low enough.


The packaging for this one goes well with the Soap and Glory look, though it’s more minimalist and simple than a lot without the vintage photo style that most of their products have.soapandglorythickandfast1 The pink on black is a nice look and it makes it easy to read the product name. If you stand all your mascaras up in a jar or something then this one will be obvious if you have the one end showing as it has the Soap and Glory logo on it. It is a bit plain in shape as well, just a simple tube compared to the others I own that mainly have some other shape to them.


The brush in this isn’t my favourite, it’s nice enough and works fairly well but it’s one of those with fibres rather than plastic. It’s two long lines of these bristles that twist around the stick of the handle. It does work well when it comes to coverage and I very rarely get big clumps though it’s not great for definition as it doesn’t go well between lashes and sometimes it can end up that a few get stuck together if you don’t wiggle it enough when applying the mascara. The end also always ends up with a big blob on it, you have to wipe it on the end which is ok if you remember, if not then this can end up on your eyelashes which has happened to me more than once when I’m in a hurry.

One coat
One coat

The mascara itself is really nice, it’s a fairly thin consistency and does coat the lashes well. The first layer doesn’t do much beyond adding some colour, at least to me, and there’s no obvious volume added to them. It lasts well with one coat and dries fairly quickly, I’ve not had the issue of blinking too soon and it getting everywhere. With one coat the top lashes last for 6 or 7 hours no problem for me, I still have product to wipe off when it comes to removing it. The bottom lashes, however, do seem to smudge around the 4 or 5 hour mark. It almost seems to melt and you get a nice black line under your bottom lashes. If you know about it and can do a touch up it’s not too much of a problem as it wipes off without any need for makeup remover with a cotton wool bud so no worries about messing up your under eye concealer. It’s just a bit annoying if you don’t notice and end up with what looks like dark circles under your eyes because it’s fairly faint and just sort of blends in rather than being obviously outlines of eyelashes.

two coats
two coats

Today I tried it with adding a second coat, which I have never done properly before as the one was enough for the look I generally go for. I was surprised at the sudden increase in volume with the second layer. I think the photo showing my one eye with and one without shows it really well. Before now I’ve sort of wondered why everyone says it adds a lot to your eyelashes as I hadn’t found that before but now I see why they said that. I did find the same problems with two coats as one when it came to the bottom lashes but even with two coats which was obviously thicker there was no crumbling or flaking when I wore it for 6 hours.


I did give this one a bit of a splash test at the end, I wanted to see how well it would last even without it saying it was waterproof. I first tried splashing cold water on my face and it lasted ok, though anything more than a light splashing and it ran, still not as much as I expected but definitely enough that you wouldn’t want to wear it when you are likely to get wet. If it was a watch it would say splash resistant not water resistant.

Overall I was impressed with this mascara. I will say that the price surprised me as I was sure it was only £5 not £10 but even with it being double what I originally thought it’s still worth it to me. If you want a good cruelty free mascara that will last well and not clump or flake on your top lashes then this is definitely worth looking at. I have found that the difference with the first and second coat has definitely impressed me today and it’s another, like the no7 I reviews last week, that I would consider wearing for a night out, especially if I was getting ready in the evening and it wasn’t going to be that long I was wearing it as before the bottom lashes melted it stayed nice and looked as good as it did when I applied it (I won’t say perfect as my mascara skills aren’t that great!).

I know some people don’t wear mascara on their bottom lashes but as mine are light I always feel a bit unbalanced on my eyes if I don’t so the bottom lash thing was the reason I decided to try another brand in the end. It isn’t all that much of a problem as it’s not really often that I wore mascara all day and it just means you keep it in your bag for touch ups and I would definitely wear this one over quite a few of the drugstore brands I’ve tried. If this is a big issue for you though I’d try another brand, so far the only ones I’ve found that don’t have this problem seem to be the waterproof ones so maybe my eyes just don’t get on with mascara on my bottom lashes. If you’re like me then waterproof might be the way to go.

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