Review: Pink Heart Konjac Sponge


I’ve heard a lot about Konjac sponges, all the different versions out there and I finally gave in and thought I’d try one a month ago when I bought one in the Asos sale. I got the pink heart sponge from the Konjac Sponge Company, who seem like the best place to buy one in the UK, I’m not sure if they sell worldwide though. The link to the one I actually bought is here though it says it’s out of stock so I’m not sure if that means it’ll be back in or if it’s gone forever from Asos. On the Konjac Sponge Company site they still have the heart one at £8.99 though the same pink clay one in a normal round version can be found here for £7.99 which I’d probably go for next time.

There are a few varieties available for different skin types, the pink one says it’s for tired devitalised skin which doesn’t really fit my skin type but I read somewhere else that it’s good for sensitive skin which definitely fit for me. I’ve been thinking about changing my skincare routine because the face wash I use is expensive when I factor in the customs charges and it goes out of stock fairly often so something I can get in the UK is always a good thing. I also liked the sound of being able to use it with or without products, I can still use the face wash at times if my skin plays up but otherwise there’s enough in the sponge itself and it lasts for three months according to the packaging.

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