An Organised Mess… Kind Of

I tend to find that the phrase organised mess works well for how I work, especially how my room looks as I have these piles of things and I know where everything is though it really doesn’t look like I should. Then when someone comes in and moves a pile, tries to tidy up a bit, I end up being a bit lost and not sure where everything is.

For the past week, and probably the next one too, it’s a very good way of describing how I feel. It’s nothing huge in a lot of ways, it’s not a change to my plans or anything, but finishing this big project for my degree is definitely messing with me a bit! I didn’t realise how much it would make me lose track of time, forget the days and just generally not have enough time to get the blog posts out like I normally do. I do have my timetable and everything is going according to plan but I probably look really panicky and, like my room, a bit all over the place!

It’s probably not really anything anyone else would notice but on days when I don’t post but I should be doing one it feels wrong, a bit weird, like something big is happening when it really isn’t. So I’m just saying that next week I’ll probably be a bit off schedule, or might be at least. My post planned for tonight is going up tomorrow as I haven’t even started on writing it, though I do have the pictures done so I’m at least slightly organised even if my room really isn’t.

Basically this is a post saying sorry for not being on schedule, though I know most people, or probably anyone, will actually notice it, but I just feel better having posted this. It probably seems silly but it’s taking a bit of the pressure off as Monday is the day I’m hoping to send my project in so it’s all a bit of a rush and panic at the moment! A bit of a nothing post but it makes me feel better 🙂

Hope everyone’s good, and after this next week I will have finished my degree so more free time and more time for blogs so I might finally get on top of designing something for a header properly and more ideas for blog posts, I might have to have a look around for some inspiration for non-review things to write about. Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂