Book Review – Young Sherlock Holmes by Alan Arnold

youngsherlockholmes1Title: Young Sherlock Holmes

Author: Alan Arnold

Year written: 1985

Publisher and year: Dragon Grafton ,1986

ISBN Number: 0-583-30942-2

I have had this book for years, I think I got it in my first Sherlock Holmes phase which was probably fifteen years ago, for 30p in a car boot sale. I know I read it back then but I really couldn’t remember what it was about and as I’m currently watching and playing a lot of Sherlock Holmes I felt like reading one and a bit different than the original Holmes books as I’ve read most of them multiple times I thought I’d read it again.

youngsherlockholmes2On the front it says it’s a movie tie in version but also that it’s based on the screenplay of the movie so basically it’s just the book version of the Steven Spielberg movie. I have never seen the movie, I’ve seen it on Sky a few times and meant to watch it but not got round to it, so I have no idea how close this is to it. Maybe I’ll watch it and do a comparison, have any of you seen it? If so is it any good?

Onto the book, it’s a fairly simple cover with a photo from the movie like most movie tie in versions have. It took me longer than it should have to realise the reason the H and O in Holmes look a bit weird is they’re a magnifying glass which is a nice touch that goes with themes normally used with Holmes things. The back has another still from the movie, which looks like it was a promotional image for it given how dramatic it is, and information on the movie itself which is unusual on a book even if it’s a movie cover (at least ones I’ve seen or own).

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