Review: Sleek i-Divine Calm Before the Storm Palette


Another review on a palette, and another Sleek one, this time the Calm Before the Storm i-Divine palette. It’s a Limited Edition so I’m reviewing it before I’ve had much of a play with it in case they stop selling it as I often miss out on the Limited Edition Sleek ones because I’m too late. Having said recently that I was sorting through and decluttering my palettes I went and bought another one. I do love the colours in this one but I will admit it was probably a bit of an impulse buy as I was getting other things from Boots and I saw it and the colours were so pretty.

This is, like all i-Divine palettes, an eyeshadow palette with twelve colours. As these are in the Nautical Collection they’re sea themed and a lot of them are blue and greeny blues as you’d expect with that name. There are five shimmers, three with matte bases and glitter particles and four plain mattes. It costs £7.99 in Boots and on their own site and as it’s Limited Edition I’m not sure how long it’ll be around for. I haven’t actually seen this palette in stores but it’ll stand out with the packaging if it is.

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