August Favourites: Some More of Everything


This month there’s quite a few things on my list and, again, it’s a very mixed bag of favourites. I tend to stick with a lot of the same makeup so I don’t really get new favourites there, I’m trying to go through my palettes and work out which to get rid of as I have more than I need, though having watched decluttering videos on YouTube from makeup channels on there I don’t feel so bad, I probably have less to start with than they do after it. I guess that should be another favourite this month, I’ve ended up watching a lot of decluttering videos, also quite a few makeup storage ones for ideas as my drawer isn’t the most organised aside from the palette collection so I need some inspiration there.


The first thing I’m going to put in here is the book Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. It’s a collection of comics, a lot from the blog online with the same name. I was tempted to do a book review on this one as I think it’s great but as I’ve read it so many times and I do love it it might be a bit weird, unless you guys would like to read it. I love the cartoon art style, I think everyone’s seen the ‘Clean (or whatever) all the things’ meme that’s been around a while and that’s in here, the original version anyway. I love the way it’s broken into small stories, the colourful glossy pages and the way she tells the stories all make it a fun book to read for short periods of time. It’s one of the first I got and used as a waiting room book, which is how I’ve been reading it mainly this month. This is available on amazon, I haven’t seen it in book stores but it’s £7.69 for the paperback version on Amazon. I’ve just seen there’s a second one coming out early next year, I am definitely buying that one too.

I’ve recently got back into listening to a lot of K Pop, though it’s mainly been on YouTube I’ve had both Face and Action by Nu’Est on repeat quite a bit so I bought the album Re:Birth that has both of them and the other title songs from the mini albums along with some others on it. I have only had the CD for about a week now and it’s part of an order I’m planning on reviewing when the rest arrives. I’m not always a huge fan of pop in general but something about Nu’Est reminds me of the boybands I used to listen to in the late 90s and early 2000s, not sure what but I like it. Maybe it’s the rap bits in it, kind of like Five used to do. Whatever it is they’re catchy songs and I’ve had them playing when I’m working on my assignment. It’s also led to me finding other KPop bands I like, I haven’t bought physical CDs for a while but these ones are so well packaged and a lot aren’t available on iTunes so I might end up adding to my collection. This is available in a lot of places and the prices vary, though it’s also available on iTunes for cheaper I do like the packaging with these.


This lip balm, or lip moisturizer, by Malin + Goetz is one I got as part of a beauty box, I think it was the Capital FM Summer one from Latest in Beauty. It’s a bit of an odd consistency for a lip product which is why I didn’t really get on with it to start with but I found it when tidying my lip products up and thought I’d try it and either use it or dump it and ended up loving it. It’s a thick clear gel which does leave a film on your lips which is slightly sticky but not really like a lot of glosses. I’ve recently found my lips cracking a lot, maybe it’s because it’s getting cooler again, and this has helped a lot. I’ve been using it a few times a day and then a thicker layer at night and my lips have recovered pretty well. It’s hard to find this and I’m not sure if they stock it anywhere in the UK but I found a it at $12 for what I’m guessing is the same amount (it says 7g and this tube is 5ml so it’s not much more if it’s not this size) on their own website here. At that price I’m not sure if I’d buy it again but as it does such a great job on my lips I might. They don’t test on animals which is rare for such a good lip product so I may be tempted.


The Urban Decay Vegan Palette was one that was everywhere at one time, I remember seeing it on so many blogs, and it seemed to be on sale for ages compared to some of their others.augustfavourites3 Unfortunately it’s not available any more but the three colours I’ve been using the most; Twice Baked, Smog and Half Baked seem to be in a lot of palettes and I think they’ve all been available as one offs as well. I like this palette, despite not really using the other three colours, as those three are well pigmented, don’t have fallout and are a great combination. I used to use it as my travel palette all the time, it was one that got forgotten amongst the others but I found it again and fell in love with those three.

The Elf Angled Eyeliner Brush is another that’s been in my drawer and not been used in a while.augustfavourites2 I’ve recently started trying out some of the darker eyeshadows I have as eyeliner, or at least having a fine line under my eye. This is the perfect brush for that, I wish Elf still sold in the EU but I think they’re planning a relaunch soon. I do like other companies for brushes but there are some that they just don’t seem to do as well, this is one of those designs. The bristles have started to point in odd directions at times but it still gives a great line as far as eyeshadows goes, I don’t get on well with gel liners, and the angle of the tip makes it easy to hold steady and get around the lashes which I always find get in my way.


Throughout the summer I always do my toenails, I hardly ever seem to wear sandals but it’s nice to be prepared. This nail varnish from China Glaze, Awakening, is one of my favourites. augustfavourites6I will say that it doesn’t work for me on my fingernails, I tried it and within two days there were chips, but for some reason my toenails without a base coat it just seems to stick until I take it off or my nails grow enough to need a repaint. It’s a great corally red with a warm coral duochrome, maybe gold in some lights as well, it reminds me of a nice sunset. It’s just a nice colour that goes with pretty much anything I wear because it’s not a colour I wear in clothes, if that makes sense.

The last is probably the one that I’ve used the most over the past couple of years and it’s a staple for me though I haven’t really used it much this year until the last month. It’s the Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo. I love this, a couple of shakes and then you use the pump and the foam comes out easily and it’s easy to just rub our hands through your hair and you’re done. There’s no powder, no white marks and it doesn’t dry out your scalp, which can be a problem for me with others. However having looked for this online it turns out they no longer sell it (I must have had this longer than I thought). I will definitely be looking for a new foaming one, anyone have any recommendations?

It seems like some of this month’s favourites are so old they’re no longer sold, or at least not in the UK. That’s a bit disappointing for the waterless shampoo as I do love that, I’ll be using the co-lab one then though it’s a spray not a foam so not as easy. I guess that’s one of the risks of finding an old thing, trying it and loving it again. I should learn to use these things more when I first have them.

Those were my favourites in August, have you guys used any of them? And in the case of the shampoo found a good replacement if you did? I like reading these favourites from other people so hope you enjoyed mine.

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