Review: Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette


I’ve recently been looking through the palettes I have and thinking about decluttering because I have more than I need and some of them are just sitting there. Since looking through them, however I’ve ended up finding that I love something in all of them really with maybe a couple of exceptions so I decided I’m going to review a lot of the palettes I have, even if they’re older, as long as they’re still sold and maybe it’ll help me make up my mind about them.

This is one of those palettes that I bought, used a few times and then it’s sat there in the box of palettes without getting any use because others have come along. I really expected this to be one of the ones I was passing on to someone but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. It’s one of the Sleek Makeup I-Divine palettes and this one is the Vintage Romance palette. It costs £7.99 in Boots, on the Sleek website and in Superdrug, so it’s an affordable palette with twelve colours so the price is pretty good for that amount and colour range of product.

It has two obvious colour groups, one lot of metallic colours, mainly warm and neutral colours, and the bottom row is all purples with a black thrown in like they did with a lot of the older Sleek palettes. There’s a combination of all finishes, though there’s only the one matte, there’s four I would consider metallic, four shimmers and three which have obvious glitter particles in them.

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