ME, Myself and I: Sometimes it feels Like I’m Always Waiting

I don’t know about you but since I’ve had ME I seem to spend a lot of time waiting for things to do with the doctors. I had a hospital appointment today and spent a while in the waiting room and part of the appointment I had an ECG and it reminded me of all those times when I’ve had something similar and I’ve had to spend time waiting for the test results to be sent to my GP. I’m not complaining about the tests, in fact I’m happy to have as many as they want if there’s a chance that it’ll show up something that’s treatable or at least makes it a bit better.

That hospital visit is why this post may be shorter than normal, I’m already exhausted from going there and I’m trying to stop myself from falling asleep this afternoon to see if it’ll force my body back into a better sleep pattern. I know it may not be recommended but I’d rather not start napping in the afternoon as I don’t sleep so well at night then and it’s worked in the past so I’m crossing my fingers for it succeeding again today, that is if I can stay awake.

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