Review: Paul and Joe Limited Edition Face and Eye Palette in Zebra


I did a post about a recent purchase from Asos and in it was this face and eye palette from Paul and Joe. It was in the sale and cost £18.75, though at full price it’s £25 on There are three options though I went for the Zebra (it also says 096 on the back) as the colours stood out to me as ones that I’d use with the pink blush alongside the brown and pale cream and the blue green was just so pretty. I haven’t really seen many reviews for these around on beauty blogs so I was curious and I’ve heard good things about their other makeup products so I thought I’d try it. I’ve never seen Paul and Joe things in a store in the UK but maybe they’re more accessible in other countries.

This is a palette with four colours and sold as a face and eye palette as some of them can be used as other products. This one, the Zebra option, has an obvious blush in the pink colour, the Pink Flamingo has two shades of pink alongside a brown and deeper more turquoise shade and the Tiger one has all browns and golds which feels less multipurpose to me but they are all gorgeous colours. This one definitely stood out the most to me and, kind of luckily, it was the cheapest of the three in the sale.


The outer packaging is simple and has a nice elephant shaped window to show the pattern of the product inside. There’s nowhere that shows any of the colours on the packaging so you’d have to either see a sample or do like I did and buy from an online store that includes photos of the products. paulandjoeeyeshadow2I really like this simple design and it’s cute enough to go with the company image, it’s also a great way to keep the zebra print inner packaging nice and clean in the makeup drawer. Inside the box there’s also a navy elastic, it’s nice and soft and the kind of material that lasts ages if you don’t over stretch it. It’s great that they include this as the Zebra box packaging itself has no attachment between the lid and base and it could get very messy if you took it travelling without that.


The Zebra box itself is so pretty, I’m sure I’ll use that word so many times in this review but it is, and it’s a nice bright tropical print on the lid with zebras, toucans and on the inside a giraffe as well as tropical plants. This is the kind of packaging I’d like to have out on my dressing table if I actually had one. As it’s cardboard there is a warning about avoiding water but, aside from that, it feels very sturdy and the lid and base fit together very well. As it’s just a cardboard lid there is no mirror, which is a bit of a negative, but I have enough other products with lids that if I took it to travel I could use one of them.

Sometimes you get products that just look so pretty when they’re new that you don’t want to use them, or at least I don’t want to use them, and spoil the pattern on the surface. This is most definitely one of those products to me. The shadow itself is printed with four different animals, the borders of each dividing the colours. There’s a goose, elephant, cat and hippo which is a bit of an eclectic mix but they’re stylised and cute designs without too many details so, besides the cat’s ears, once the face detail has worn off they won’t be obviously animals. They are imprinted fairly deep so it may take a while to wear off. I was careful about where I put my brush with the swatches and even after a couple of uses playing around there’s no obvious change to them.

These colours don’t actually have names so I’m just going to call them by the animals as it seems as good a way as any of dividing them. As I went into this not knowing much about their powder products I wasn’t sure what to expect but did think they’d be good and thankfully they have lived up to my expectations, and possibly passed them. I have swatched them on top of primer and without to show the difference, though if you were to use them not as eye products you might not have the primer beneath, I know I tend not to. With all of them I found that when on primer and set for a while they did no move at all, there was some time to blend but once the primer set them they were there for a while, five hours on the primer swatches were still there.

L-R: Cat (taupe), Hippo (green/blue), Goose (pale cream) and Elephant (pink)

Cat – Shimmery taupe, possibly purple tiny shimmer particles in it. So creamy and easy to blend, well pigmented and worked well both on and off primer though primer did make it more pigmented. Opaque with one layer and builds well, I didn’t have any fallout from this one. Rather fiddly to get the eyeshadow apart from the bottom left corner because of the shape.

Hippo – Light aqua shimmer, a blue/green colour that has silver/blue/green shimmer. The standout colour in the palette to me and very easy to use even though I don’t use these kinds of colours often. Very pigmented and creamy, builds well but one layer was enough on primer. Blends well especially with the lighter colour and no fallout. Easy to access as it’s a fairly large area to get the eyeshadow.

Goose – Very pale cream shimmer. A great highlight colour, very creamy and without a primer is very sheer especially when blended out which is what I’d want from a highlighter though it is pretty shimmery for that. With primer opaque in a couple of layers and blends well. Another easy one to use as the shape is fairly square, though I did get a bit of green in it which was easy to pick off with another brush.

Elephant – Shimmery mid pink. I’m not sure whether to call this a cool or warm toned pink, I’d probably say cool toned going by other blush descriptions I’ve read of similar colours but it’s pretty much in the middle for me. Opaque with one layer on primer, blends easily and very creamy. Very pigmented both on and off the primer though it blends out really well as a blush just on skin which I was a bit worried about when I first applied it. It’s a bit shimmer for me as a blush though it’s not obvious shimmer, more a healthy glow so it might grow on me. Not the easiest shape to get at with a blush brush unless you have a smaller one and you have to be very careful not to pick up the other colours.

The combination of colours works well together, as I said I don’t tend to wear light greens or blues all that much but as a bit of a splash of colour it worked quite well without being so bright that it was obviously colourful. It’s a good colour as a first try with colour to me, which is the same for whatever brand you use, if there’s a sort of pastel colour it adds something without being too bright. I do really like the pink and it’s growing on me as a blush despite the shimmer, I’m not sure I’d use it on my eyes as I can never make a pink look work for me.

I think as a travel palette, like I’ve used the Autobalm palettes from the Balm, I’d say it’s pretty good. It’s got a nice blush colour, three eyeshadows and the cream could be a highlight shade if you want. I’d say of the three options this Zebra one is more multiuse, at least to me, and has all the powder products I’d need for a weekend away. Add in the look and feel of the packaging and how easy it is to use without the fear of fallout leaving my cheeks all sparkly and it’s definitely something I’ll be considering next time I’m packing for travel.

Overall I am very happy that I bought this. It is more than I’d normally spend on a palette, I think besides this the most expensive I have are a couple of Too faced ones I bought with Boots points, but it’s definitely a make I will consider in the future if I go for a higher end product. I do love the look of some of the lipsticks and palettes but it puts me off that you need to buy the cover/palette case separate to the product itself and it all adds up to become more expensive than some other makes which are better known for their cosmetics.

If you want to look at these and only buy cruelty free then I suggest you do some of your own research, I am pretty sure that they are cruelty free but not 100% so don’t want to influence anyone thinking about buying this without all the facts as I know animal cruelty is a big issue in cosmetics. They aren’t on either of PETA’s lists (which isn’t a surprise considering a lot of the companies I buy from aren’t and I know they’re cruelty free) and I can find very little information on them about their policy. I think that all companies that sell in the EU are meant to be (I found a link on the EU website about it and the BBC) and as they’re French I assume they follow this.

As far as I can tell the company themselves are cruelty free though their parent company (if they have one, google is not helping me!) may test on animals according to one blog I found from 2014. I try to only buy cruelty free. I do, however, make mistakes sometimes so didn’t want to put this as factual either way. If I am wrong then I will happily edit this post either way. This bit ended up longer than I meant it to, I just wanted to post all that I know so it doesn’t seem like I’m hiding something just because I like a product when their testing policy seems to be so well hidden.

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