Review: Paul and Joe Limited Edition Face and Eye Palette in Zebra


I did a post about a recent purchase from Asos and in it was this face and eye palette from Paul and Joe. It was in the sale and cost £18.75, though at full price it’s £25 on There are three options though I went for the Zebra (it also says 096 on the back) as the colours stood out to me as ones that I’d use with the pink blush alongside the brown and pale cream and the blue green was just so pretty. I haven’t really seen many reviews for these around on beauty blogs so I was curious and I’ve heard good things about their other makeup products so I thought I’d try it. I’ve never seen Paul and Joe things in a store in the UK but maybe they’re more accessible in other countries.

This is a palette with four colours and sold as a face and eye palette as some of them can be used as other products. This one, the Zebra option, has an obvious blush in the pink colour, the Pink Flamingo has two shades of pink alongside a brown and deeper more turquoise shade and the Tiger one has all browns and golds which feels less multipurpose to me but they are all gorgeous colours. This one definitely stood out the most to me and, kind of luckily, it was the cheapest of the three in the sale.

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