Review: Anna Sui Nail Varnish in Cassis Pink (C312)


I posted about this in my recent purchases from on Tuesday and have had it on for a couple of days so thought I’d do a review for it. I love the speckle egg effects that are around at the moment and I have a few from other companies but I saw this when I was looking on the website and it stood out because of the colour, I think most of the others are in pale shades, or at least the ones I have.

This is an Anna Sui nail varnish from the chocolate chip collection, I chose the Cassis Pink version as it was such a pretty colour and so bright compared to most of the others. It is available in both of the bottle versions but this was the version that was in stock and I haven’t got any in this bird design so I probably would have gone for this one anyway. It’s £11 on, though it keeps going between in and out of stock so I’m not sure whether it’ll still be there. I haven’t seen them anywhere else but they’re probably available in other stores especially if you live in another country.

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