ME, Myself and I: Goals and Planning

It feels like every blogger talks about goals and they are very useful in everyday life, things to aim for and hopefully achieve, and they probably do make any new project more manageable. I’ve always found that breaking things into smaller chunks, smaller goals really helps stop things from being too overwhelming, like when I’m working on an assignment I break it down into mini tasks and set myself a deadline for each in a timetable. I think I learnt this from my design GCSE where we had timetables with target dates and then a different colour for the actual dates.

Since having ME I have found that having small goals, something to aim for every day or on a regular basis helps a bit. A lot of my goals are small things that most people without a chronic illness probably wouldn’t consider actual goals, things like getting dressed every day (which I do fail at fairly often) or try to do a fifteen minute walk a certain amount of times a week.

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